High Security Colony: Is There Life Behind Barbed Wire

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High Security Colony: Is There Life Behind Barbed Wire
High Security Colony: Is There Life Behind Barbed Wire

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In freedom, the daily life of people is filled with a variety of events and bright colors, there is always a place for small joys and discoveries, you can make plans for the future. But there are places where people are deprived of all this.

High security colony: is there life behind barbed wire
High security colony: is there life behind barbed wire

Conditions of detention in a strict regime ITC

A person is able to make his life exciting, but he often forgets about it, plunging into the routine of everyday affairs and worries. But somewhere people live in completely different conditions, and they are ready to give everything in order to be at least a day a free person. And these places are high security correctional labor colonies. It was these words that crossed out their fate. But there is also life behind the barbed wire, what is it?

In any high security ITC there are three separate territories in which the conditions of detention are very different. When a person is first placed in such a colony, they are provided with the usual conditions of detention. For this, there are all the housing and household amenities sufficient for normal life support. They are given the opportunity to maintain contact with close people, relatives. For this purpose, there are telephone conversations, the ability to correspond, receive and send parcels, receive money orders and go on dates.

When the first 9 months of stay in the colony have passed, the prisoner can be transferred to a lighter regime. Only this is possible provided there are no penalties. A person must maintain order and treat work more than conscientiously.

If the prisoner seriously violates the order established for the ILC, he is transferred to stricter conditions of detention. The purpose of such a transfer is to ensure the safety of other prisoners, to make the process of education more effective, and to suppress the negative impact on others.

How ITCs are arranged

There are dormitories in the maximum security ITK, where bunk beds are compactly installed in the rooms. The building has equipped shower rooms, toilets, utility rooms, drying chambers for shoes and clothes, a dining room. There is also a room for personal hygiene in the women's colonies.

For those who are prescribed strict content, a number of restrictions are imposed. Isolated rooms are provided for them, and their behavior is constantly monitored. Strict conditions significantly restrict the movement of a prisoner even within the confines of the penitentiary institution; he may be prohibited from communicating with comrades in misfortune. Parcels or transfers are allowed, but a maximum of 2 per year, one date can be long-term, for three days, and two short-term. They are also entitled to a walk, 1, 5 hours daily.

It is clear from all this that the conditions in the strict regime ITC are harsh, they are very different from the usual ones outside. But a person gets used to everything, you just need time and patience. But the prisoners have the hope that they will receive parole and return home.

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