What Is The Name Of The Icon

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What Is The Name Of The Icon
What Is The Name Of The Icon

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The icon is a symbol of faith and salvation, these are special images of the faces of saints, the son of God and the Mother of God. There are many icons known, they are especially revered, but they are always canonical. There is even a classification of icons.

What is the name of the icon
What is the name of the icon


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The icon is an invisible thread, a kind of connection between the earthly world and the kingdom of God. The one who calls the icon a painting is mistaken. The flight of the artist's imagination in this case is completely inappropriate, everything is subject to severe canons. The technique of execution is different: painting, embroidery, wood carving, the Old Believers prefer casting.

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The icon accompanies every important stage in a person's life. Depending on the image and purpose, you can determine the types of icons. Some of the most common are measured icons, from the word "measure", "size". These icons are made according to the growth of the presented newborn, they must accompany him until the end of his days. The name of the Guardian Angel is indicated on the icon.

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Family icon - this depicts the patrons of all family members. Each of them is selected by name. Usually, the image of the patron saint on a family icon matches the image on each dimension.

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On the way to God, a person constantly carries with him an impressive baggage of requests and desires. They help in the implementation of the conceived icons "for every need."

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For family well-being, the Mother of God "Unfading Color" is suitable, Nikolai the Wonderworker will help the traveler on the road, and Nikolai the Ugodnik is the guarantor of a successful marriage.

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The wedding couple: the Mother of God and Jesus are images carefully kept by the newlyweds throughout their happy family life. The church rite is impossible without the Wedding icons, it is believed that if one of them is lost, this will weaken the power of the amulet.

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What name is given at baptism, such a Guardian Angel is appointed. His face is depicted on the icon and supports the prayer in difficult times, the icon with his image is called nominal.

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Old Believer icons are distinguished by dark faces, numerous inscriptions, and a cast base. Primordially Russian traditions are the defining features of icons created by opponents of innovations.

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The very plot of the icon is of great importance. It can be an image of the Holy Trinity and the Savior, an icon painter's interpretation of a plot from the Bible, versions of the image of the Virgin, saints or Angels. For a true believer, each icon is a unique symbol, an allegory of the connection "between heaven and earth."

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