How To Watch The Musical "Beauty And The Beast"

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How To Watch The Musical "Beauty And The Beast"
How To Watch The Musical "Beauty And The Beast"

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The musical "Beauty and the Beast" was created based on the Walt Disney cartoon in 1993. For almost twenty years, the production has been watched by a huge number of viewers around the world. In 2008, the show was staged for the first time in Moscow, where it went on with success for a year and a half.

How to watch a musical
How to watch a musical


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"Beauty and the Beast" was staged in fourteen countries, and on Broadway, the very first stage of the show, the number of performances during the entire existence of the production exceeded five thousand. In October 2008, the Russian version of the musical was shown at the Moscow Palace of Youth. Unfortunately, the Moscow production lasted only a year and a half and was closed in April 2010. In this version, the leading roles were played by famous Russian actors and actresses, including Ekaterina Guseva, Viktor Dobronravov, Natalya Bystrova and many others.

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Now you can watch Beauty and the Beast only in video version. On the site, dedicated to the musical, some fragments of the production are available for viewing, as well as interviews with the actors who played the main roles in it. In addition, here you can find all the information you are interested in about this performance.

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The musical "Beauty and the Beast" can be found on various torrent trackers, for example As a rule, on such portals there are different versions of the production, so be careful when choosing. To work with the tracker, you need special programs (for example, BitTorrent) that are easily available for download on the Internet.

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Also, the musical you are interested in can be found on the vastness of social networks, in particular Type in the search bar of the portal the name of the musical and the year of production, and the system itself will present to your attention all currently available videos with similar characteristics.

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In early 2012, the media repeatedly reported about the upcoming revival of the musical in Russia. If this turns out to be true, then in the next theatrical season, "Beauty and the Beast" will again be seen on the stage of the Moscow Palace of Youth.

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