How Was The "Scarlet Sails" Holiday In St. Petersburg

How Was The "Scarlet Sails" Holiday In St. Petersburg
How Was The "Scarlet Sails" Holiday In St. Petersburg

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In 2012, the traditional alumni holiday "Scarlet Sails" was held on June 26 in St. Petersburg, on Palace Square and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Its organizers promised many surprises, but, unfortunately, the mood of the graduates and the holiday itself were spoiled by the rain. Flooded not only yesterday's schoolchildren, but also artists - the organizers did not even take care of the canopy over the stage.

How was the celebration
How was the celebration

The organizers proudly said that this year the concept of the holiday was thought out by the graduates themselves. But the rain can hardly be attributed to the fact that the holiday turned out to be rather dull. Neither the speech of the governor Poltavchenko, nor the television bridge with the Kremlin, nor even the jokes of the hosts - the noteworthy wit Ivan Urgant and Yulia Kovalchuk - gave him any fun.

The alumni also listened to the speech of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov, but they were looking forward to the concert with great impatience, in which Dima Bilan, hip-hop performer Zhigan, member of the Pussycat Dolls group, little-known Lebanese rapper K-Maro and groups: Melody Thornton, Marseille "And" Degrees ".

Such a grandiose mass event could not fail to attract scammers who, on the approaches to Palace Square, briskly sold tickets to the show at a price of 200 to 500 rubles. The gullible simpletons who bought them could not get to the holiday, since the tickets turned out to be counterfeit, and they were not available on free sale, since they were distributed only in schools, among graduates.

Anyone could go to the second site, which was located on Vasilievsky Island. The police carefully monitored so that alcoholic drinks could not spoil the holiday for the graduates. On this stage, the youth were performed by the Apple.Sin Orchestra and the bands Nerves, Splin, Alai Oli, Malta and Gorod 312.

At two o'clock in the morning, the Swedish brig Tre Krunur took part in the show, which acted as a ship under scarlet sails - the symbol of the whole festive St. Petersburg action. Night fireworks, pyrotechnic and light effects accompanied his passage between the Dvortsovy and Troitsky bridges.

The ship was the culmination of the holiday, which, according to the police, this year passed calmly, without any major incidents.

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