How To Convert To Orthodoxy

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How To Convert To Orthodoxy
How To Convert To Orthodoxy

Video: How To Convert To Orthodoxy

Video: How To Convert To Orthodoxy
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Faith in the Lord God is a good thing. Our mothers and fathers, grandparents were Orthodox and went to church on Sundays and holidays. And if you still weren't? And if only faith has awakened in you? If you are interested in these questions, then read this article and draw conclusions for yourself. Going to church is not scary.

How to convert to Orthodoxy
How to convert to Orthodoxy


Step 1

Read the New Testament. In order for an adult, and the question of adopting Orthodoxy, I think, to become an Orthodox Christian most of all, I think, is of most interest to adults, not babies, it is necessary, first, to read this scripture, called the New Testament. In addition, read the Orthodox Catechism, accept the Savior and his teachings. You should also think about your past life, remember all your sins and repent of them.

And, of course, one reading will not be enough. It is imperative to know the symbol of faith, the ten commandments, the banner of the cross and prayer, the blessing of the priest and the rules of conduct for those praying. Also, familiarize yourself with the sacraments of the Orthodox Church.

Step 2

Buy a cross pendant. You can buy it in an Orthodox shop, which is usually located at the church. You will also need to purchase a christening shirt and a sheet. They are essential attributes of baptism. And, of course, you need to make a donation in favor of the temple in which you will be baptized. You can find out the exact amount in the temple itself.

Just don't think that this is a purchase of a service. Like, he paid the money, received the grace of God. These donations are voluntary. This money supports the church, the priest supports his family, because he does not have any kind of salary from the state or the church "from above".

If for some reason you are unable to donate money, go to the priest and explain your situation to him. If the reason why you have nothing to donate to the church is obvious, then, probably, they will understand you and let them strangle you,”then why do you need Orthodox baptism at all?

Step 3

Find the godparents. Although, just one godmother or godmother is enough - it depends on your gender. That is, for males it is enough to have a godfather, and for females - a godmother.

Step 4

Believe. To do all these technical procedures for baptism is not the main thing. It is necessary to sincerely accept all the dogmas of the Orthodox Church and believe in them. So that a simple question from a priest: "Do you believe?" you could say from the bottom of your heart, "I believe."