How To Organize A Bike Parade

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How To Organize A Bike Parade
How To Organize A Bike Parade

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Bicycle parade is an event for the mass of people. Therefore, first of all, you should worry about their safety and that there are no conflicts with the law.

How to organize a bike parade
How to organize a bike parade


Step 1


Think about how many people can roughly take part in your parade. For example, if there is a lot of cycling in the city, many can respond to your call. Create a page for your bike parade on the social network. Send out invitations, advertise it a little. Potential participants and their number will gradually emerge. Determine the day of the bike parade. Convenient if it is a day off.

Step 2


Think it over thoroughly. On the one hand, it must be popular enough to attract people, on the other hand, it must be safe. The main streets are usually chosen. Traffic on them, as a rule, is well regulated.

Step 3


This is the main point of preparation for your event. Since cyclists are road users, make sure that they are all informed about the rules of conduct on the road. To protect yourself and them from possible troubles, you must coordinate the bike parade with the local authorities. Notification of a public event must be sent to the local executive authority 10-15 days before the bike parade (not earlier and not later than this period). In this case, you will need to indicate the exact route, the estimated number of participants, the purpose of the event, and appoint responsible persons. No later than three days later, you must receive an official response (consent or any suggestions for changing the route, etc.).

Step 4

On the day of the agreed parade, the authorities are obliged to provide additional security for the participants and provide them with medical assistance. It is possible that part of the car route will be blocked for the duration of your promotion. In turn, you must ensure that the law and order are observed during the bike parade (otherwise, the responsibility will lie with you). Make sure that cyclists behave peacefully, do not offend others (including parade spectators), and do not incite discord between them. In addition, you must observe the accuracy of the route and complete the promotion before 23:00.

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