Nikolay Naumov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Nikolay Naumov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Nikolay Naumov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Nikolay Naumov is a famous comedian, former frontman of the popular KVN team Parma. Today the actor is known for his roles in other humorous projects, in particular for the role of Kolyan in the TV series "Real Boys".

Nikolay Naumov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Nikolay Naumov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Artist biography

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Naumov was born on February 28, 1982 in Perm. His father was a military man, a very authoritative person and a role model for the boy. As a child, Kolya even dreamed of wearing a military uniform. But with age, the plans changed, and after graduating from school, Nikolai Naumov entered the pedagogical university at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

A witty and bright young man was noticed by senior students. They persuaded Nikolai to become a member of the KVN university team. As soon as he entered the stage, he immediately realized that this was the place where he was most comfortable.

Career in KVN. The beginning of the creative path

Nikolai Naumov was able to combine his artistic career with his studies. In 2003, a translation competition was organized in Perm, initiated by the Scottish writer Michael Kerins. This step was prompted by Nikolai Naumov's poem "I am not a poet", translated into 44 languages.

The competition has been held annually since then. Students from different countries participate in it. The main task of the contestants is to translate the given poem into several languages ​​as best as possible. Participants remember that their fellow countryman and actor Naumov stood at the origins of the competition.

But KVN absorbed the student headlong, so that Nikolai spent less and less time studying languages. The convincing, vivid image of a gopnik from the Kolyana district in a tracksuit, shoes and a black hat with an invariable baseball bat soon attracted the interest of KVN members of the Parma national team of Perm. And he was lured to Parma.


In an interview, the actor admitted that Kolyan is actually not that far from him. Naumov grew up in the same dysfunctional area and talked with the guys who became Kolyan's prototypes. But at the same time, the actor noted that he was "not such a brutal primacy" and still considers himself an intelligent person.

Film career

It was thanks to KVN that Nikolai Naumov was noticed by Russian directors, and he began to receive the first invitations to the set. At first, for unremarkable minor roles, but in 2003 the actor received an offer to star in the television series Mongoose.

Since then, Nikolai Naumov's cinematic career began. The artist has become recognizable and popular. In 2009, the movie “Mugs. Episode One”, where the actor skillfully played the traffic police inspector Korochkin.

In the same year, Nikolai Naumov received a landmark invitation to shoot a project that made the actor one of the most popular young artists in Russia: the series "Real Boys". Naumov played the role of a real boy Kolyan, who is constantly trying to become better.

The premiere of the television series was on November 8, 2010 and immediately elevated the film to the second position of the top 20 popular television youth projects. A bright, memorable artist attracted the attention of metropolitan producers.

The created image in "Real Boys" turned out to be very realistic and convincing, and Nikolai Naumov was more often invited to television. The artist appeared in the humorous TV show "Thank God you came!" and Comedy Wumen. As part of the jury, the audience saw Naumov in “Comedy Battle. Without Borders "on TNT and the humorous show" Don't Sleep!"


From 2011 to 2014 Nikolay Naumov appeared in several projects. In the comedy "Pregnant" he played a cameo role as a journalist. A year later, the actor starred in the comedy film Nanny.

Nikolay Naumov regularly continues to appear in comedy roles. Among his most famous works are the family comedy Friends of Friends and the full-length film Corporate.

The talent of the artist was duly appreciated in 2012, and GQ magazine included Nikolai Naumov in the "Face from TV" nomination. In December of the same year, the actor was awarded the "Internet Star" award on "TNT".

In 2014, the artist was seen in an advertisement for Nikola kvass. And in 2016, Nikolai appeared in an advertisement for KFC fast food. In the same year, the actor starred in the new project "Poor People". In 2017, Nikolai Naumov starred in the role of another comedy project "TNT" "Civil marriage". And in 2018, the show of the sixth season of "Real Boys" started, where the actor still plays his hero.


Personal life of the actor

Nikolay Naumov is married to Albina Safina, whom he met at the City Day in Perm in 2007. Love at first sight grew into a strong marriage. In the same 2007, young people legalized their relationship.

The young family lives in Perm. And even when the actor starred in Real Boys, the couple did not move to the capital. The personal life of Nikolai Naumov stands out among acting marriages. The beloved wife gave the artist three children: daughter Amina and sons Sasha and Seryozha.

Nikolay Naumov was distinguished by his leadership qualities from a young age and in 2018 he became the creative director of the Autoclass mobile application, created to help young drivers to study traffic rules. The actor explained this step by the fact that he is worried about the situation on Russian roads, since three children are growing up in his family. To advertise the application, humorous sketches were created, in which Nikolai himself starred.

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