How Was The Bike Parade In Moscow

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How Was The Bike Parade In Moscow
How Was The Bike Parade In Moscow

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On May 20, 2012, a bicycle parade was held in Moscow dedicated to the need to develop the bicycle infrastructure of the capital. More than 5 thousand cyclists took part in it, who rode from the Luzhniki sports complex to Vasilyevsky Spusk.

How was the bike parade in Moscow
How was the bike parade in Moscow


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According to the information published on the RBC website, the action was organized by the Let's bike it! Movement. The participants of the action did not set themselves the task of organizing a race, since the purpose of the event was to open the eyes of officials to the lack of equipped and long bike paths in Moscow. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, a bicycle is an environmentally friendly form of transport, and secondly, the capabilities of modern models allow you to cover distances faster, which makes bicycles indispensable in traffic jams.

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The May bike parade started at 4 pm Moscow time and stretched along several embankments of the Moskva River. It used a wide variety of bike models: road, mountain, city, folding, etc. In addition to ordinary citizens, several dozen government officials took part in the action. Among them were those officials who do not deny that the bicycle infrastructure in Moscow is poorly developed.

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By the way, in many European cities the bicycle is the most priority type of transport, for example, in Amsterdam, where about 40% of residents use this type of transport to go to work. Copenhagen, Barcelona, ​​Beijing, etc. do not lag behind Amsterdam. In these cities, the priority is health, clean ecology, as well as saved time and money for travel.

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According to a survey conducted by RIA Novosti, almost every third respondent out of more than a thousand people expressed a desire to ride a bicycle to work or study if special paths and ramps are equipped for this. And if we consider that 2012 in the Central Administrative District of Moscow was declared the year of development of cycling, then it remains to be hoped that the opinions of fans of an environmentally friendly mode of transport will be taken into account and fulfilled.

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