Do I Need Permission To Buy A Crossbow Or Bow

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Do I Need Permission To Buy A Crossbow Or Bow
Do I Need Permission To Buy A Crossbow Or Bow

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Long gone are the days when men roamed the streets freely with a bow on their back and a quiver full of sharp arrows. Today this is impossible even considering that people use completely different weapons - much more terrible and dangerous. A permit is often required to purchase a sporting and hunting bow or crossbow. They can be used only in certain places where there is no threat to the health and life of other people.

Even the simplest bow can be a formidable weapon
Even the simplest bow can be a formidable weapon

Greetings from Gojko Mitic

The bow, which became popular in the USSR largely thanks to the films about Ivan Tsarevich, Robin Hood and the Indians, led by the heroes of Goyko Mitich, is a throwing weapon with arrows. The principle of its operation consists, firstly, in the strong pulling of the bowstring in a bent arc and the accumulation of potential energy. And secondly, in the transformation of the latter, when unbending the bowstring, into another energy - kinetic, which sends the arrow to the target.

Also a bow, only mechanical, more modern and therefore superior in degree of danger, is the crossbow. The crossbow (its other names are crossbow, ballista, arrow thrower) surpasses its ancestor in technical equipment, as well as in the accuracy and power of the arrow. And it is inferior to the bow except in the speed of reloading arrows.

In order to answer the question "Is it possible to buy a bow and a crossbow for private use?", You first need to determine the purpose for which you are going to buy it. It can only be professional sports or hunting. It is also necessary to find out the technical characteristics of the future purchase.

27 and 43

The model with shoulder tension or arc force up to 20 kgf (kilogram-force) is intended for amateurs' amusement, you will not go to competitions with it. But universal sports and hunting bows, universal sports and hunting and match sports crossbows with a much greater arc force are already considered a real throwing weapon.

Going to the gun store, remember that, according to the law, only bows that have a shoulder pull of no more than 27 kgf can be freely purchased. A similar force for crossbows should not exceed 43 kgf. The sale, acquisition, storage and use of more powerful cold throwing weapons threatens the offender with administrative or criminal liability.

Models with greater strength, but not higher than 135 kgf, can be bought and stored only by those who are professionally engaged in sports archery or acheri biathlon. To do this, they need to have an appropriate document from a sports club or federation accredited by the Ministry of Sports. With a powerful bow or crossbow, you can go hunting. But only if you have a hunting ticket and a permit.

Bow not for walking

The absence of the need to register a freely purchased bow or crossbow, albeit of small strength, does not mean that documents are not needed for it. The acquisition and origin of weapons that do not contradict the law are confirmed by an individual certificate of mandatory forensic examination of weapons and an extract from it. They need to be obtained from the store when purchasing a product.

It is also worth remembering that, even having in hand all the necessary documents for a crossbow / bow officially purchased in a weapons store and a certificate of master of sports in acheri biathlon, it is not recommended to walk with him along the evening streets and frighten passers-by. Any police officer has the right to stop such a walk with a cold throwing weapon.

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