How To Change Your Surname In Ukraine

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How To Change Your Surname In Ukraine
How To Change Your Surname In Ukraine

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Many people suffer from their surname since childhood. They endure the ridicule and bullying of classmates, envious people and ill-wishers. Such people dream of changing their last name and do their best for this.

How to change your surname in Ukraine
How to change your surname in Ukraine


Step 1

In Ukraine, people often change unpleasant or dissonant surnames, such as Mogila, Pisyuk, Kolosha, Zakhlyupanny to simpler ones. According to the Ministry of Justice, every year 25 thousand citizens of Ukraine apply to change their surnames. This is 5 times more than applications for a change of name or patronymic. If you are a citizen of Ukraine, then to familiarize yourself with the procedure for changing your surname, read the Law of Ukraine dated July 1, 2010 No. 2398-VI "On state registration of acts of civil status."

Step 2

If you are over 16 years old, in accordance with the procedure established by law, contact the civil registration department of your place of residence. Bring your birth certificate and passport with you. In the Department of Civil Registry Office, you will be given a sample, according to which you write the corresponding application. In it, indicate your real name, surname and patronymic, indicate where you live, whether you are married, whether you have children and other personal information. Do not forget to indicate the reason for the change of name.

Step 3

You will be given a receipt for payment of the state fee for changing your surname. Pay for it at the nearest bank and bring a receipt for payment. Be sure to find out the number of the incoming document in the department where your application was registered. So in the future it will be easier to track its path and make sure that it does not get lost among other papers.

Step 4

Your application will be considered 3 months from the date of submission. The term for consideration can be extended for no more than three months for a good reason. If the application for a change of surname is adequate (for example, you do not want to have the surname of the country's leader or international terrorist), if you are not under investigation and have no criminal record, your application will be approved.

Step 5

After three months, come to the civil registration department (it is better to call there first and find out if your documents are ready) and receive a certificate of surname change.

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