How To Make Shadow Theater

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How To Make Shadow Theater
How To Make Shadow Theater

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Shadow theater is a spectacular and mysterious form of theatrical art! The shadow accompanies a person everywhere, he can play with it, but he cannot run away from it. Making a shadow theater is not at all difficult.

How to make shadow theater
How to make shadow theater

It is necessary

  • - picture frame or large box,
  • - tracing paper or light fabric,
  • - thick dark cardboard,
  • - scissors,
  • - glue,
  • - pencil.


Step 1

Find a suitable light source - it can be a lamp or a floor lamp with a powerful light bulb and the ability to direct the light onto the theater screen. Electric light must fall from behind and from above. Between the screen and the light source is the puppeteer, who moves the figures in front of the screen.

Step 2

To make a theater screen, take a frame-baguette from a picture or cut out a screen in a large box. Stretch a light-colored cloth or glue on tracing paper, and your screen for shadow theater is ready. You can do without frames if you want to make large figures of the participants in the performance or the actors will play themselves. In this case, simply pull the white sheet over the string.

Step 3

Now start making dolls, take dark cardboard or thick paper, then the image on the screen will turn out to be more contrasting. Using a pencil or chalk, draw a figure according to the principle of a stencil, cutting out all the important and characteristic details for this doll. You can do this with scissors, but a mock retractable knife will work best.

Step 4

To the finished doll from behind with the help of tape, glue the stick for which the puppeteer holds the figurine. Glue carefully so as not to glue the cut out parts of the doll. Take the resulting toy by the stick and move it - you already have an actor for your shadow theater!

Step 5

Connect a child to work - dolls are easy to make, but very interesting. And children can cope with a simple representation of several figures themselves. Become a spectator while your child develops their creativity.

Step 6

Turn off the general light and turn on the lamp aimed at the screen. The show begins! Please note that in shadow theater, you can easily change the size of objects - the further the figure is from the screen, the larger it becomes. True, in this case, the clarity of the lines is lost. Experiment with the actors yourself and discover the true magic of DIY shadow theater!

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