Rodovich Marylya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Rodovich Marylya: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Rodovich Marylya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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The pop singer from Poland Marylya Rodovich has performed about two thousand songs in general during her career. Her discography includes over twenty discs. Rodovich's repertoire includes songs not only in Polish, but also in other languages ​​- Russian, Czech, English. The peak of her popularity in the Soviet Union fell on the seventies and eighties of the XX century.

Rodovich Marylya: biography, career, personal life
Rodovich Marylya: biography, career, personal life

early years

Maryla Rodovich was born in the Polish city of Zielona Góra, where her parents moved after the Second World War ended. Her date of birth is December 8, 1945. Marylya's father served as the president of the city, as well as the position of the head of the local lyceum. But in 1948 he was sent to prison, and only got out in 1956.

Marylya has been fond of music since childhood. After graduating from school, she tried to pass exams at the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, but she was not taken there. After that Marylya decided to enter the Academy of Physical Education, and this time she achieved her goal - she became a student.

Already during her studies at the Academy, she actively manifested herself in creativity - she played the acoustic guitar superbly and sang in the Sheytany ensemble. In 1967, Maryla confidently took first place at the student song competition in Krakow.

Singing career in the seventies and eighties

Maryla Rodovich's debut album "Zyj moj swiecie" was released in 1970, and the second disc, "Wyznanie", went on sale in 1972. After that, the singer consistently released albums one after another.

In the seventies and eighties, this charming blonde who plays the guitar and sings melodious songs had many fans not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the Warsaw Pact, as well as in the Soviet Union. In total, about 15 million copies of Marylya Rodovich's records were sold, of which 10 million were sold in the USSR and the Russian Federation.

One of the most famous songs of the singer is “Colorful Fairs” (1977). In the same 1977 in Sopot, she performed this song in a clown outfit with a parrot on her shoulder and with a drum in her hands. This unusual and rather risky image at that time was well received by the public.

Marylya Rodovich has performed "Fair" many times with other singers, for example, with Alexander Malinin. And in the end she gave this song to Valery Leontyev.

The cover-version of Rodovich of Vysotsky's song "Fussy Horses", created in 1987, also enjoyed considerable success in the Soviet Union.

Marylya's duet with the famous French singer Joe Dassin also deserves mention.

Personal life

The singer's first great love is the artist Daniel Olbrykhsky. This relationship lasted several years and was not formalized (Daniel had a wife who did not want to give him a divorce).

The first official husband of Maryla was Krzysztof Yaszczynski. From him, the singer gave birth to a boy, Jan, in 1979, and to a girl, Katarzhina, in 1982. In 1986, Maryla Rodovich married a second time - to Andrzej Duzynski. She has a son from Andrzej (born 1987). At the moment, the singer is divorced.

Marylya Rodovich in recent years

The singer's last album to date, titled "Ach swiecie", was released in 2017.

Despite her considerable age, Marylya Rodovich continues to work hard - she tours and gives concerts in cities in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

But, unfortunately, she has not come to Russia for a long time - the last time she was here was in 2004 (then Marylya Rodovich took part in the project "Legends of Retro FM"). It should be added that in 2012 she recorded, together with the singer Vitas, a composition in Russian called "Shout of the Crane".

In Marylya's homeland, Rodovich is still very popular and recognizable. At the end of the 2000s, a poll was conducted among the inhabitants of Poland, and the majority of respondents recognized her as the best Polish pop singer of the last century.

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