Valentina Illarionovna Talyzina: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Valentina Illarionovna Talyzina: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Valentina Illarionovna Talyzina: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Valentina Talyzina is a famous theater and film actress who became popular thanks to her filming in the films of Ryazanov Eldar. Her strong character helped her overcome many obstacles and achieve success.

Valentina Talyzina
Valentina Talyzina

Childhood, adolescence

Valentina Illarionovna was born on January 22, 1935. The family first lived in Omsk, and then in Borovichi (Belarus). Some time after the birth of Vali, the father found another woman, the mother raised her daughter alone.

Valentina studied with pleasure, she especially liked history. After school, the girl entered the agricultural university in Omsk at the economic department. As a student, she began to study in a drama club, and then realized that she wanted to become an actress. After graduating from the 2nd year, Valentina left and began her studies at GITIS. She received her education in 1958.

Creative biography

Talyzina began to work at the Mossovet Theater, Ranevskaya Faina, Birman Sofia, Maretskaya Vera and other celebrities also worked in the troupe. This time became a good school for the actress. She was able to make friends with Ranevskaya, who became Valentina's mentor.

Yuri Zavadsky, the theater director, did a lot for Valentina. Talyzina took part in the performances "The Tsar's Hunt", "Music Lessons", "Petersburg Dreams", "Krechinsky's Wedding" and others.

The first film roles for Talyzina began to appear in the late 60s, the first was the film "The Way to Saturn". The role in the film "Zigzag of Fortune" (directed by Ryazanov Eldar) was very successful. Then Valentina worked in the filming of the movie "Big Break".

In 1971 Ryazanov invited the actress to the filming of the movie "Old Men-Robbers". In 1975 she starred in the film "Afonya" by Danelia Georgy. Later, the painting "The Irony of Fate" was released, which glorified Talyzina. She played a small role, besides that, she voiced the main character.

Talyzin considers the role in the film "Non-Professionals" to be her best work. Later, the actress appeared in the series that became popular ("Healing with Love", etc.). Other films where she appeared: "Primorsky Boulevard", "Anonymous", "Primorsky Boulevard", "Pit", "Old Nags". In total, Talyzina has more than 100 roles. The actress also voiced films and cartoons.

In 2015, Talyzina wrote an autobiography book "My hills, streams", where she cited facts from life, talked about meetings with famous actors. She was awarded the title of Honored Artist, she has many awards. Valentina Illarionovna leads an active social life, since 1964 she has been a member of the Communist Party.

Personal life

Valentina Illarionovna's husband is Leonid Nepomniachtchi, artist. In 1969, the couple had a daughter, Ksenia, Valentina has no other children. The marriage lasted 12 years, then broke up.

For some time, Talyzina had a romantic relationship with Yuri Orlov, an actor. But she never married again, preferring to do work. Daughter Talyzina became an actress, in 1999 she had a girl, Anastasia.

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