How To Pray To Spirits

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How To Pray To Spirits
How To Pray To Spirits

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Video: How To Pray To Spirits
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Before you start praying to the spirits, you need to collect your thoughts, put yourself in order. Then make an offering, which may be a favorite spirit treat or object. Prayer itself is a reverential request that a person makes up himself.

Shinto shrine - a place of appeal and prayer to the spirits for help
Shinto shrine - a place of appeal and prayer to the spirits for help


Spirits in Shinto play the role of gods. Kami pray when they want to successfully do something, before a new stage in life, after a serious illness, etc. You can pray to spirits both at home and in the temple. Most often, temple prayer is carried out on major holidays or on serious life occasions.

For prayer to the spirits at home, a special altar is set up - kamidana. Edible and inedible offerings to the deity are placed on the altar. Before you start praying, you must be mentally cleansed, clothes and body must be clean. The order of the prayer depends on the level of religiosity of the person. Bows before and after prayer are considered necessary. Clapping your hands before reading invokes the spirits. Without this, the kami may simply not hear that they are being asked for something.

In Shinto, there are no written prayers to spirits. A person in his own words and in a simple form expresses his respect for the deities, thanks them or asks for something. No one should hear the prayer from the people around.

Kami can be personifications of natural forces and any places. All dead people become Shinto spirits.

Shinto is the only non-monotheistic religion in the world that is still professed. Although it will not be entirely correct to speak about confession. Shinto is very different from other world religions. Instead of a single God, many angels, Shinto saints are filled with spirits and deities.

Home perfume

According to popular beliefs, household spirits play an important role in the organization of everyday life. These spirits include brownies, kikimors, banniks, rip-offs, barnmen and others.

It is necessary to pray to spirits in their habitats. For example, if it is a brownie, then in a dwelling, if it is ripped off, then in a bathhouse. In addressing the spirit, it is imperative to express your respect, and only then a request. Often an offering of a favorite food or a favorite spirit plant is required.

Brownie - a spirit that lives in the house, the owner and patron, often helps people. But it can also be harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to placate him. To do this, you can leave food offerings to the housekeeper, as well as have animals that he likes. This spirit also has a weakness for horses and a gift with the image of this animal will really please the brownie.

There are all sorts of requests and sayings that appeal to the spirit of the home. Usually they used affectionate appeals to the housekeeper, for example, the housekeeper-grandfather. Then the person in his request said what he would like to receive. You just need to remember that the sphere of influence of the brownie is limited to the house and economy of the person.

Kikimora is a feminine home spirit. According to popular beliefs, kikimora does much more harm than good. But, if you can get the favor of this spirit, then she will help in all household chores.

In order to get rid of kikimora, you can use special conspiracies. They turn to the kikimora, threaten her and drive her out of the house. In order for the conspiracy to work, it must be read on certain days, which in the mythological consciousness of people have special power.