Sergey Moiseev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Sergey Moiseev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Sergey Moiseev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sergey Moiseev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sergey Moiseev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: "Сотворивший танец. Игорь Моисеев" 2006 г. 2023, October

Sergey Nikolaevich Moiseev is a talented actor of the New Drama Theater in Moscow, where he has been playing since 2006. He is actively involved in productions of various styles and genres, acting in films. His work has made a great contribution to the theatrical art.

Sergey Moiseev: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Sergey Moiseev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Actor Sergei Nikolaevich Moiseev - today is known to many fans of modern Russian theatrical art and cinema. A true Siberian, laconic, not prone to self-promotion, which is not very associated with his profession. He does not spread about himself, does not give interviews, there is very little information on social networks.



The future actor was born on September 1, 1980 in the city of Omsk. Very little is known about his family. According to the kinopoisk website, Sergei has a younger brother, Ivan, and their mother is a choreographer by profession. Perhaps the mother's profession, her social circle, contributed to the choice of a future profession.

In 2006, Sergey graduated from the St. Petersburg Theater Academy of Theater Arts (SPbGATI) (course of A. O. Mindlin). Soon after graduation, in the same 2006, he began to work on the stage of the New Drama Theater in Moscow, where he still works. The artistic director of the theater, Honored Art Worker of Russia Vyacheslav Dolgachev speaks of him very warmly, he sees great potential in the actor, notes his external Siberian calm, balanced character and expects an artistic trick that he always gets.

Apparently, at the institute, Sergei met his future wife Alexandra, who graduated from SPbGATI in the same 2006 (faculty of acting and directing). In 2011, they had a daughter. The actor does not cover his personal life.

Even in his student years, Sergei Nikolaevich began to try his hand at cinema, later he continued to combine filming in serials and a career in the theater. However, the artist appeared on the screen in a very small number of films and in small roles. Stage success came to this talented actor very quickly, and the repertoire is growing rapidly every year. One of the last debuts - the role in the play Three bags of weed wheat as Bozhums, (Chalkin's deputy), which took place on October 19, 2018. In December 2018 - January 2019, several more premieres are expected with the participation of the actor.

The actor is very talented and versatile, plays excellently in productions of various styles and genres, most of which are based on the works of contemporary Russian and foreign playwrights. However, Muscovites got the opportunity to watch performances with Sergei Moiseev, staged especially for children, where he looks no less harmonious. The combination of various styles of playing did not in the least prevent him from getting a worthy recognition in the theater. The actor has a pretty busy schedule.


Main roles in the theater:

Sergei Nikolaevich Moiseev has played in more than 20 performances at the New Drama Theater. One of the upcoming projects:

CHEKHOV. PROJECT. The first version. The premiere will take place on December 21, 2018. The performance will consist of 4 versions. Each has four acts, one from The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard. 29 actors will be involved. Sergey Nikolaevich will be involved in two acts:

"IF YOU KNOW …" (14+) ("Uncle Vanya") - the role of Mikhail Lvovich Astrov;

"IF YOU KNOW …" (14+) ("Three Sisters") - the role of Alexander Ignatievich Vershinin. Roles are quite suitable for the role of the actor.

Top dogs, or New Adult Games (16+) the role of Gilles Chudi;

Low syllable of love (12+);

Three bags of weed wheat (16+) - Bozhumov, Deputy Chalkin;

Waiting for Godot (16+) - the role of Lucky;

A month in the village (16+) - Ignatiy Ilyich Shpigelsky, doctor;

Provincial jokes (16+) ("TWENTY MINUTES WITH AN ANGEL") - the role of Ugarov, a forwarding agent;

Salem Witches (12+) Reverend Parris;

From evening to noon (16+) - Kim, son of Zharkov;

Despondent Reading (16+)

White poodle (6+) the role of a footman (aka Tiger);

The Miracle of St. Anthony (12+) - the main role of St. Anthony. Very well the actor played Saint Anthony, who is able to create a miracle, to raise a person from the dead. At the same time, the greed of people, their material needs and the inability to accept the inexplicable due to the habit of finding a scientific explanation for everything is well shown. An amazing performance that does not leave the audience indifferent and does not let them get bored. The role was created for Sergei, it suits him perfectly.


Rich brides (16+) - Vitaly Petrovich Pyramidalov, official;

12 novellas about love (12+) ("DEAR DOG") - Knaps, civilian;

12 short stories about love (12+) ("THE AVENGER") - Fedor Fedorovich Sigaev;

12 short stories about love (12+) ("NERVES") - Vaksin, architect;

Let's catch up with the sun (6+) - Murzik the Cat;

Jokers (12+) - the role of Nedorostkov.

12 Angry Men (12+) - the role of the Seventh:


Sergei Nikolaevich began acting in films while still studying at the institute. However, the roles in the movies are episodic. Unfortunately, as a movie actor, the actor is not yet in great demand.

2015 Version - the role of Andreev, captain;

2008 My favorite witch is a salesman;

2008 Black Rose - a symbol of love (29th episode)

2006 Sonya Golden Handle: 2nd filler


2006 Simple Things - a doctor with a crossword puzzle;

2003 Scoundrel Style (Movie 4)

Sergei Moiseev is simply an integral part of MNDT, with which he has been cooperating for more than 12 years, participates in 23 performances. He is very much appreciated in the theater. Unfortunately, he is underestimated as a film actor.