How To Write A Short Story About Yourself

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How To Write A Short Story About Yourself
How To Write A Short Story About Yourself

Video: How To Write A Short Story About Yourself

Video: How To Write A Short Story About Yourself
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Often, when meeting new people, a situation arises when you are asked to briefly tell about yourself. It can arise anywhere and anytime, be it a meeting with new friends or an interview when applying for a new job. Many are embarrassed and do not know what to answer. A short story written in advance can be a good solution.

How to write a short story about yourself
How to write a short story about yourself

It is necessary

Sheet, pen


Step 1

Describe interesting events in your life. You should not focus too much on yourself, but these events should show others how you feel about certain things, your reaction to the actions of other members of society, your key principles of behavior.

Step 2

Be sure to provide personal information. It should be written concisely, not time consuming to read.

Step 3

Tell us about any of your leading qualities. Remember that this part of the story should be the longest and most interesting. Present the information in a positive way so that your interlocutor can easily understand your general attitude. For example: “I like to come up with original solutions”, “I like the classics in everything”, etc. It is important to write here how much it helps you in life. Expand the topic in a few sentences.

Step 4

Emphasize your business experience if you are writing a short story about yourself for an employer. At the same time, do not repeat the information indicated in the resume and autobiography. Prepare some links in the text. For example, "more details about this are indicated in the autobiography" and so on. Be sure to work out the written text before an interview or business meeting, memorize it.

Step 5

Don't limit yourself to dry documentary writing. Your story will turn out to be more interesting and meaningful if you focus on the experience gained and the ability to find the right solutions in your work. Surely it is more important for the employer to understand the reasons for your previous layoffs, and not just the list of work performed. He is also interested in your expectations from a new job, commensurate with professional skills.

Step 6

Write about your strengths in the context of your professional requirements and interests. You can, for example, write about the family in such a way that the employer will become clear about your interest in job stability, and not in career growth.

Step 7

Read your story about yourself aloud and time it. It should take no more than 2 minutes. At the end of the story, it would be logical to suggest asking questions to clarify incomprehensible points.

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