How To Write About Yourself With Humor

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How To Write About Yourself With Humor
How To Write About Yourself With Humor

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There is nothing more boring and uninteresting than a person who takes himself too seriously. With his behavior, he causes ridicule of others. The one who is not afraid to seem ridiculous and can critically assess his appearance or offense, using a sense of humor, disposes to himself. This, at times, even helps to avoid censure - everyone sees that you have noticed your mistake, even if you describe it in a joking manner. You can always win over a person who reads your profile, written with humor.

How to write about yourself with humor
How to write about yourself with humor


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Of course, you must understand in which profile you can afford to joke in every sentence, and in which one you can limit yourself to just a hint that a sense of humor is not alien to you. If, for example, you write about yourself in a resume that you intend to present to a potential employer, then it is better to stick to a business style and allow yourself a joke only in the section dedicated to your hobbies and interests.

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If you want to talk about yourself on a dating site or, having already met, describe yourself, then you can feel free to do it - a sense of humor has always been a plus for any person. Only those who explicitly or covertly reject themselves will not make fun of themselves. Your ability to make you smile when you talk about yourself suggests that you are a confident, loving and appreciating person, which is always attractive. Knowing how to make fun of yourself speaks volumes about your mental health.

Step 3

Tell us about yourself. When describing appearance, especially those features that cannot be called standard, highlight them with a joke. So, for example, speaking about your height, if it is above or below average, promise to grow up or slightly decrease, make promises that will obviously be impossible to fulfill, and it will be clear that this is a joke.

Step 4

Describe your accomplishments with humor. For some people, success and power are matters of life or death. They are ready to reach them by clenching their teeth and elbowing everyone who gets in their way. This is a great joke. Note in your story that life is cyclical and failures are replaced by successes, tell about them easily, laugh at the difficulties, note their temporary nature. In your description, life should not seem like an endless race, the respondent should see that you treat it as an enjoyable and exciting journey.

Step 5

Don't be afraid to talk about your shortcomings, making sure to note that they are already lined up to be corrected. The fact that you see them and realize the need to work on them speaks of your willpower and determination.

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