What Foreign TV Shows Are Worth Watching

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What Foreign TV Shows Are Worth Watching
What Foreign TV Shows Are Worth Watching

Video: What Foreign TV Shows Are Worth Watching

Video: What Foreign TV Shows Are Worth Watching
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The modern television series has begun to adequately compete with big cinema. After all, it grabs the viewer's attention not for two hours, but for weeks, months, years, forcing them to wait for the release of new seasons and guess about the twists and turns of the plot. Many TV series can be called real masterpieces of cinematography - the actors' play, director's findings and unpredictable plot amaze the audience so much.

Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, Seattle Police - "Murder"
Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, Seattle Police - "Murder"

Now on the Internet it is easy to find sites where the latest episodes of your favorite TV series can be watched for free. Often you don't even need to register for this. The demand for television series has led to the fact that long-known genres - fantasy, science fiction, mysticism - sparkled with new facets.

Real detective

In the wake of the popularity of the detective genre, for which, perhaps, one should thank the charismatic heroes of the BBC TV series "Sherlock". In Denmark, a series was shot with the unassuming title "Murder" (date. Forbrydelsen), which captivated the audience with true drama and realism.

In 2011, the American version of Murder was released, in which the authors started from the original plot - the murder of a young girl in a small town, but created their own world of suspects. Gloomy rainy Seattle, grief-stricken parents of the girl and police detectives who behave like ordinary people, not superheroes - all this makes you empathize with all heroes, without exception.

The new premiere of the HBO channel "True Detective" with Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey in the title role bears the same signs - unhurried plot development, somewhat unsympathetic detectives with their own problems. It is impossible to tear yourself away from such masterfully constructed television series - as soon as one episode ends, you immediately want to turn on the next.

The British mini-series "Broadchurch" with David Tennant followed the same path - a small town, the murder of a child, but most importantly - the psychological impact of death on each person and society as a whole.

Once upon a time in Albuquerque

In the genre of crime drama, no one has yet surpassed the already completed project Breaking Bad. A school chemistry teacher, with cancer, wants to provide for his family and begins a drug production along with his former dissolute student, who already had experience in the drug trade.

The transformation of a person, doomed to make a choice between good and evil at every step, was so brilliantly shown by actors Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul that the audience could only hold their breath and watch the plot develop.

Way through the stars

Sci-fi dramas hold their ground - the enthusiasm of space opera fans never dries up. Despite numerous projects in cinema, nothing more global than "Battlestar Galaktika" has not yet appeared on television.

In the 2004 pilot, the human race on 12 planets in deep space was attacked by Cylon robots once created by these humans. A handful of survivors in assorted starships, protected by an old battle cruiser, are trying to hide from the Cylon and find a new home: the mythical planet Earth.

The TV project owes its unique success to the fact that the plot, written in advance, from the first episode to the last, is formed into a coherent philosophical concept. As a result, the series amazes with its deep inner idea of the divinity of human existence and responsibility for their actions before descendants.

In 2009, Battlestar Galactica was named the best cable TV series by the Saturn Awards.

For sci-fi fans who don't like watching plot progress for hours, watch the Firefly miniseries starring Nathan Phillian. Full of sparkling humor and charming heroes, the series shows the world of the distant future, where the high technologies of the central planets are combined with the world of the wild west on the planets of the periphery.

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