How To Create A Myth

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How To Create A Myth
How To Create A Myth

Video: How To Create A Myth

Video: How To Create A Myth
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In literature, a myth is called a small story that reflects people's ideas about the nature of their interaction with nature, divine forces, and other people. At the same time, the myth can be interpreted as an image of a person that he seeks to create for the public. Therefore, knowledge of the art of mythology will be useful not only for philologists, but also for all those who seek to present themselves in a favorable light to those around them.

How to create a myth
How to create a myth

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books with myths


Step 1

If you decide to try yourself in the role of a writer and want to come up with a myth, we recommend that you turn to classic examples for inspiration. For example, to the myths of Ancient Greece. They will help you understand the structure and characteristics of writing myths.

Step 2

Ancient myths were created as a description of the picture of the world as it was presented at that time. And it is from mythology that religion, social science, politics, and literature originate. Therefore, think over the idea that is relevant for your time that you want to reflect in your myth, and the storylines through which it will be implemented.

Step 3

The heroes of a good myth run the risk of becoming iconic characters for many centuries to come. For example, this happened with Hercules, Odysseus, Cyclops and others. To repeat the success of ancient myths, you need to endow the characters with vivid characters and memorable images. Keep in mind that the names of the characters should be sonorous and easy to remember. And, of course, your heroes must perform significant deeds and feats.

Step 4

In the event that you want to create a myth about yourself, then it is worth considering what you want to achieve by this. As a rule, through the spread of myths about themselves, they strive to achieve the disposition of the people around them, although there is also an absolutely opposite goal - desecrating their own reputation. The second option may be associated with the peculiarities of the current situation (the need to get rid of an annoying admirer) or with the action of a protective mechanism called reactive education (adolescents deliberately create myths about themselves as defiant and daring in order to divert attention from their complexes). Recall that in this case, we consider a myth as a collection of biographical data with the possibility of embellishing or understatement in the interests of the one who creates this myth.

Step 5

If you want the myth you have created about yourself to make a good impression when writing it, focus on three things that, according to psychologists, always cause the sympathy of others. Form an opinion of yourself as:

- a confident person with real achievements;

- a competent employee and a passionate person;

- the owner of a pleasant appearance.

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