How To Remove Damage

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How To Remove Damage
How To Remove Damage

Video: How To Remove Damage

Video: How To Remove Damage
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Damage is not accidental. This is always a deliberately directed action. Negative energy is transmitted through a certain rite to a person, destroys his protective field, weakens the aura.

Remove spoilage with a raw egg
Remove spoilage with a raw egg

It is necessary

  • - candles;
  • - fresh chicken egg;
  • - water.


Step 1

Seek help at the first suspicious symptoms: sleep disturbance, negative dreams; deterioration of health; the appearance of obsessive paranoid ideas; unreasonable quarrels. Don't let negative influences destroy your family. Remove spoilage immediately! If a believing family, then you can turn to God, prayers, faith. The main prayer that can remove negativity is "Living Aid" and special prayers. Go to church, light candles for the health of family members. This must be done three resurrections in a row in different churches.

Step 2

Pour the wax of the melted candles (150 g) into a bowl of water and read the prayers. Prayerfully raise the vessel with water above the patient's head, while reading the prayer, take the water out of the house. Throwing water away, together with it, you get rid of spoilage.

Removal of spoilage
Removal of spoilage

Step 3

If you are an atheist, seek help from a parapsychologist. When correcting a problem, a competent specialist directs the first actions to search for a program (damage), by whom and when it was put into the patient. By the method of hypnosis, therapeutic suggestion and other techniques, damage is transformed, rendered harmless.

Step 4

Rehabilitate with parapsychological techniques such as the Skenar-Cosmodic or the Reich Box Healing Blanket.

Step 5

Use a chicken egg to remove spoilage (it must be fresh). Break the egg into a glass jar of water and carry this vessel to the head, chest, feet, groin for five minutes so that the egg absorbs the evil. Pour the contents of the jar into the toilet with wishes of love and goodness to the one who sent the spoilage.

Step 6

You can remove damage to your home using this ritual: tying dirty kitchen towels. Put a basin of clean water, half full, on fire. Dip towels into boiling water, while reading the plot: “One is in one, the second is in the second, the third is in the third. Gather all the evil and unclean dashing power in one circle, perish, destroy yourself, move away from the young and old. In this place there is no place for you, no half of the place, no living, no being, but only boring and eternal thinness. Forever and forever and ever. Pour the water out.

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