How To Contact A Journalist

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How To Contact A Journalist
How To Contact A Journalist

Video: How To Contact A Journalist

Video: How To Contact A Journalist
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Contacting a journalist is not as difficult as it might seem. Most of the media have an open policy towards readers, and the contact phone number or email address of the employee of interest can often be found in the issue of the publication. Otherwise, the phone and email address of the editorial office may be a sufficient clue.

How to contact a journalist
How to contact a journalist


Step 1

Some publications place direct phone numbers of their employees and their e-mail addresses directly in the printed version and on the website. For example, this was the case with the Moscow newspaper "Moy District", where in each district version on a page dedicated to a specific district, there was a mobile number and an E-mail of the reporter responsible for filling it.

If you know in which department the journalist of interest works (it is not difficult to guess by the subject and genre of his publications), call the department (their phones are usually in the publication's imprint, where you can often find the positions of key employees of a newspaper or magazine).

Step 2

As a last resort, if the only available clue is the contact phone number of the editorial office, call this number and ask how you can contact the journalist you are interested in. With a reporter or department editor, you will most likely be docked without problems. But with the chief editor and his deputies - rather in exceptional cases.

If it doesn't matter to you who to talk to, and you want to suggest a topic for publication, voice it, and you will be redirected to the department according to your profile.

Step 3

You can also write to the editorial email address. If the subject of the letter is of interest to the editors, it will be handed over to you and the journalist will contact you.

Do not forget to indicate your contacts in the letter, and formulate its subject in the appropriate field as precisely as possible. This will increase the chances that the message will not be cut by spam filters.

Step 4

The publicity of the profession and constant work with the word encourages many journalists to keep their online diaries on social networks, for example, in LiveJournal.

A link to the blog of a well-known journalist may be present on the website of the publication where he works.

If you have an account, you can add the journalist-blogger you are interested in to your friend feed, send him a private message. And if your letter interests him, he will answer.