What Is The Series "Ship" About

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What Is The Series "Ship" About
What Is The Series "Ship" About

Video: What Is The Series "Ship" About

Video: What Is The Series "Ship" About
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The series "Ship" was released on Russian television screens on January 13, 2014. The rights to the television series were bought by the STS channel. It is an adaptation of the Spanish TV series El Barco, which aired on television called The Ark.

Captain Viktor Gromov
Captain Viktor Gromov

How the series was created

The studio Yellow, Black and White and the Yu TV channel worked on the adaptation of the series "Ship". Currently, the first, which consists of 26 episodes, has been completely filmed, and the filming of the second season has already begun, which the audience is promised to present in the fall of 2014.

The series was filmed for three months, 12 hours a day.

The most famous actor who starred in the series is Dmitry Pevtsov. Other leading roles were played by Roman Kurtsyn, Vladimir Vinogradov, Ingrid Olerinskaya and Agrippina Steklova.

The directors of this project were Oleg Asadulin and Mark Gorobets, who already have experience in adapting Spanish serials - in 2010, under their supervision, the series Closed School was released, which is an interpretation of the soap opera El internado: Laguna negra.

The plot of the series

The beginning of the story does not bode well. On a warm sunny day, a training sailing ship called the Wave Runner prepares to sail to the open sea.

The length of the scenery, built to simulate a ship, is 41 meters. And the structure itself is two-story.

A group of cadets arrives on the ship. Some of them dreamed of being at sea all their lives, someone, on the contrary, accidentally gets on a ship, failing tests. However, the selection was as careful as possible, and the very best get on board. There is also the captain's eldest daughter Alena, who is a cadet, and his youngest five-year-old daughter Valeria, whom he is forced to take on a voyage due to circumstances. The scientist Ksenia Danilova, who is also a ship's doctor, also arrives on board. Her lover remains on land and takes part in a large-scale experiment that will serve as the beginning of a worldwide tragedy.

The cloudless life of the cadets kicks off the next morning. More precisely, their lives go on, but from that moment on, they may remain the only people who survived on the planet. At night, there is an explosion of the hadron collider, which entails the disappearance of all continents on planet Earth.

The real Large Hadron Collider began full-scale work in 2010. Its launch attracted a lot of media attention, who expressed fears that work on it could lead to the end of the world.

From that day on, only the endless expanses of the sea and the "Wave Runner" ship plying them remain.

And throughout 26 episodes, the relationship of the survivors is revealed against the backdrop of the post-apocalyptic world. Here is a place for romantic comedy, mystical drama, and fantastic adventures. Some lose themselves, some - hope, some give up their lives, and others learn what love is.

But no matter what the main characters do, they will never set foot on the ground. They have to cost their little world anew. And their future fate depends on how much they put in this effort.

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