Flynn Gillian: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Flynn Gillian: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Flynn Gillian: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Gillian Flynn is an American writer, screenwriter, reporter and television critic with a long career at Entertainment Weekly. Her works, written in the genre of a psychological thriller, are known all over the world. Three novels of the writer were filmed and received high marks from viewers and film critics.

Gillian Flynn
Gillian Flynn

Gillian's first book, Sharp Objects, released in 2006, immediately caught the attention of readers. The horror king Stephen King spoke excellently about her, saying that Flynn would have an excellent literary career.

Gillian is the recipient of several literary awards, including the Ian Fleming and Edgar Allan Poe awards.

Biography facts

The girl was born in the winter of 1971 in the United States. Her father was a professor and lecturer on the art of cinema, and her mother was a literary critic and, like her husband, worked as a teacher in college.

At an early age, Flynn was a very shy and shy girl. She communicated little with her peers, was fond of reading. Already in her school years, she began to write her first works.

After graduation, she continued her education at the university, eventually receiving a diploma in journalism and specialist in English. After working for a local publication, Gillian moved to Chicago, where she continued her studies and received a master's degree in journalism.

The girl was going to become a reporter, talk about the work of the police, about crimes and investigations, be on the front line and in the center of events. But after a while Flynn realized that such a job was not for her. She decides to move to New York, where she starts working as a reporter for Entertainment Weekly, a popular culture magazine.

She began her literary career in 2006 by writing the novel Sharp Objects. The second novel came out in 2009 and was called Dark Secrets. In 2012, Gillian's third book, Gone Girl, was published. In 2015 - the fourth novel "Someone Adult". All of Flynn's works have become bestsellers, highly praised by literary critics.

Personal life

Gillian met her future husband while still at university. A romantic relationship with lawyer Brett Nolan ended with a wedding. Flynn has repeatedly said in her interviews that her husband is a "muse" for her, the first reader and critic.

Today the couple lives a happy family life and has two children.

Adaptation of Gillian's novels

In 2018, the first season of Sharp Objects, based on the novel by Gillian, was released. Famous actress Amy Adams was invited to play the main role of the reporter Camilla Priker. The film is set in a small American town where the mysterious murders of girls take place. Camilla begins her own investigation, not even imagining what a nightmare it will turn out to be for her.

Flynn Gillian's second book, Dark Secrets, was also filmed and released in 2015. Charlize Theron starred. This is a psychological thriller that tells the story of Libby Day, who survived a terrible tragedy. Thirty years ago, her mother and sisters were murdered and her brother was found guilty. Libby decides to go back in time and find out what really happened on that terrible night and whether her brother is really guilty of the death of his family.

Flynn's next bestseller, Gone Girl, was written in 2012. David Fincher himself took on the adaptation of this novel, which was a pleasant surprise for Gillian. As Flynn herself said, while writing the work, she saw everything that was happening, as if through the eyes of a famous director. And when he decided to take up the film adaptation, she did not even immediately believe it. Flynn herself wrote the script for the film.

The film was released in 2014.The famous actor Ben Affleck was invited to the main role of Nick, and Rosamund Pike played his wife. The plot of this detective and psychological thriller takes place in an American town, where the couple are preparing to celebrate the anniversary of their life together. But suddenly Nick's wife disappears, blood and traces of a struggle are found in the apartment. Despite the fact that the body has not been found, Nick is accused of murdering his wife. Now he needs to prove that he was not involved in her disappearance and in fact there was no murder.

After the release of the picture on the screens, Gillian received eleven film awards as a screenwriter, and was nominated for eight.

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