Who Plays Harry Potter

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Who Plays Harry Potter
Who Plays Harry Potter

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Few people do not know a series of films about a young wizard boy with his eternal companions in all the antics. "Potter", this is how the surname of the hero who conquered the minds and hearts of millions of fans around the world could be translated. This is Harry Potter. But behind every movie hero there is a real personality.

Who plays Harry Potter
Who plays Harry Potter

Daniel Jake Radcliffe. Born back in 1989, on July 23, in the heart of the United Kingdom - London. More precisely, in its western district of Fulham. An unremarkable place, known only for the football team of the same name from the Premier League.

Daniel is the only child in the family. Mom is Gresham Marcia, and father is Radcliffe Alan. Few people know, but even before becoming the most famous hero who survived the attack of Someone-of-not-to-speak, the boy managed to play in the television movie "David Copperfield" and "The Tailor from Panama". These roles were not well known, but Daniel was noticed by Jamie Lee Curtis (who played in "The Tailor") and advised the mother of the aspiring actor to let her son audition for Harry Potter in the first film in the Sorcerer's Stone franchise.

The beginning of the legend

Not many people know that Harry might not have been …

Filming began with the arrival of the Millennium, that is, in 2000, and the release took place a year later. This instantly brought fame to the boy, with whom he now had to live another seven (or rather eight, given that the last book is divided into two parts) films. Huge box office receipts, mass fame, interest from the paparazzi did not spoil the young man.

Interestingly, the image of Harry has been sought for a very long time. More than 16 (!) Thousand applicants were viewed. Chris Columbus (the director of the first two films) even later joked on this topic that: “We already wanted to make a movie without Potter!”.

In addition to working in films, he played several theatrical performances and even took part in the musical "How to Become Successful in Business Without Doing Nothing." However, everything went well, and the world accepted its hero.

After Harry Potter, Daniel's career has two films. And there are still many plans ahead. The next in turn is the fantasy film Horns and Frankenstein. Everyone will know very soon what his roles will be.

Daniel Facts

A little about everything.

• The boy-boy's fee has grown from 250,000 pounds (I film) to 33 million (II part of the "Deathly Hallows")

• The Hollywood Walk of Stars has fingerprints for all three friends who played wizards in Harry Potter

• Before participating in the film, Daniel could not read the books about his hero that existed at that time. He only did this when he started acting in the film.

• One of the boy's phobias is the fear of nuclear war.

• In one interview, he announced that he will no longer appear in any films based on the books of J.K. Rowling.

• Favorite country - Russia.

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