How To Write A Review About A Neighbor

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How To Write A Review About A Neighbor
How To Write A Review About A Neighbor

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If, for example, a district police officer asked you to write a review about your neighbor, you must provide information about the behavior of the neighbor in society and in the family. Describe his manner of communicating with residents, character traits, habits, etc. Note whether there have been violations by the neighbor, as well as complaints about him to law enforcement agencies.

How to write a review about a neighbor
How to write a review about a neighbor


Step 1

Provide the last name, first name, patronymic, as well as the home address of the person to whom you are writing a review.

Step 2

Indicate from what year this person has been living at this address.

Step 3

Also write about who your neighbor lives with and runs a joint household with, list his family members. Describe how the relationship between them is developing (a favorable psychological climate or a tense and difficult situation, frequent scandals, quarrels, fights).

Step 4

Note in the review whether the person behaves correctly with other residents: whether he is comfortable with brawls, a showdown in a public place, or whether he invites systematically noisy companies that break the silence after eleven o'clock in the evening.

Step 5

If your neighbor loves to listen to music and turns it on too loudly, and does not react to your repeated complaints, write about it in a review.

Step 6

Also indicate whether your neighbor maintains cleanliness in the entrance and on the site near the house. If, for example, he smokes in the entrance, throws cigarette butts everywhere, leaves bags with garbage right at the entrance, be sure to provide this information. This characterizes your neighbor as an ignorant and ill-mannered person who does not want to follow the rules of living together.

Step 7

Describe the manner in which a person communicates with neighbors: is he always polite, benevolent, knows how to adequately and calmly respond to various requests, wishes, does he take the initiative, for example, in the improvement of the yard area. If a neighbor gladly takes part in subbotniks (paints benches, breaks flower beds), participates in general meetings, draws up applications to various organizations with requests from residents of the house, then this will be an important note for recall.

Step 8

If, on the contrary, the person is passive, is not interested in the state of the local area, and he himself does not in the best way affect its sanitary condition (walks the dogs in the playground, leaves the car on the lawns, etc.), indicate this information when drawing up a review …

Step 9

Write whether a person was noticed in an inadequate state, in strong alcoholic intoxication in a public place, whether he arranged scandals at the same time, whether he showed aggression towards residents. If a neighbor was brought to the police station, as well as protocols were drawn up and administrative penalties were drawn up in connection with such behavior, reflect this in the response.

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