How To Set Up The "Sport" Channel

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How To Set Up The "Sport" Channel
How To Set Up The "Sport" Channel

Video: How To Set Up The "Sport" Channel

Video: How To Set Up The "Sport" Channel
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Almost every Russian man likes to watch sports reports from the world and European championships in various sports. This opportunity is provided by the "Sport" channel, which focuses on live broadcasts. You just need to configure it.

How to set up a channel
How to set up a channel


Step 1

"Sport" is included in the package of the round-the-clock TV channel "NTV +", the signal of which comes from the Eutelsat w4 satellite. First, establish the signal from this satellite. To do this, use the remote control to go to the "Menu", then "Installation". Select its name and click the right arrow. Set the frequency on which the satellite is broadcasting (10750 MHz). Then set the network search ON, leave all other parameters by default. Click "Install Programs", after "OK". After all the specified parameters are configured, click "Auto-tuning NTV +". Select OK to save your changes and exit the menu.

Step 2

Select manual tuning mode. In the line “Transponder” add the channel parameters: frequency 12398.78 of right circular polarization, speed of received stream 27500. Do not forget to indicate the name of the desired channel - “Sport”.

Step 3

The sports channel is also included in the Tricolor TV package. Familiarize yourself with the remote by reading the instructions for the purpose of each button. Many scrambled channels need to be cleared. To do this, go to the menu in the "Settings" line, then "Factory settings" and press the red button to reset the receiver settings.

Step 4

You can set up the Sport channel in two steps. Perform an automatic search first. When you turn on the receiver in the zero state, the step-by-step setup will automatically open. Follow the instructions by clicking the Next button each time.

Step 5

Switch to the manual tuning mode by clicking the "Manual search" line in the menu. Modify the parameters to indicate: frequency 12245.34MHz vertical polarization. Then click "Start Search". After the “Sport” channel is found, exit the menu by pressing the Exit button several times.

Step 6

Find out about the Sport 1 TV channel, which broadcasts in HDTV format. You can tune the channel according to the following parameters: frequency 12380 MHz of vertical polarization.