Why Alexey Kabanov Killed His Wife Irina

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Why Alexey Kabanov Killed His Wife Irina
Why Alexey Kabanov Killed His Wife Irina

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Alexey Kabanov turned to the Internet community with a request to find a wife who, in his words, left the house and did not return. Subsequently, it turned out that he himself had killed her, then dismembered and scattered body fragments around the city.

Why Alexey Kabanov killed his wife Irina
Why Alexey Kabanov killed his wife Irina

What is the reason for such cruelty, why did a man, a father of two children and stepfather of another child, decide to take such a brutal step? Is it an affect or symptom of a mental disorder?

What happened in the Kabanov family

Alexey, a day after the New Year's celebration, had a serious fight with his wife. She became aware that her husband had a mistress, and she made a scandal. The boar did not think of anything better how to grab the wire from the speakers and put it around Irina's neck. This was accompanied by a noise, to which Irina's eldest child came out of the bedroom. Having strangled his wife, Kabanov took the child into the room and put him to bed.

The boar did not kill his wife right away, when he put his son to bed, Irina was still alive, but was unconscious.

Such composure does not testify to any strong emotional disturbance, since after the husband returned to finish off his wife, and then completely dismembered her corpse. Kabanov tried with all his might to play the role of an inconsolable husband and father, writing on the social network from his account that Irina may have left, since he did not find her passport.

The volunteers began their search, while Kabanov was slowly getting rid of his wife's dismembered body, borrowing a car from his mistress for a while. The woman had no idea what was in the trunk of her car. He was in no hurry, as he believed that no one would look for the remains in someone else's car.

The true reasons for the murder

An expert, a psychiatrist who cooperates with law enforcement agencies, Mikhail Vinogradov, assessed the actions of Alexei Kabanov. In his words, Kabanov is an ordinary maniac caught after the very first murder. His behavior is typical, since the maniac enjoys the process and the subsequent searches, he likes to be the "star" of the screen, to behave on the verge of a foul, when at any moment he can be revealed. Some criminals managed to escape justice at this stage.

A similar case was in Ryazan, when the groom killed the bride, and then looked for her with everyone, even invited the girl's father to live with him.

The happiness for society is that the “inconsolable spouse” was stopped in time. Analyzing this act, it is clear that the murder by Kabanov was being prepared, and that there is no talk of any accident. This cannot be attributed to depression from lack of money, since in such situations a person, after killing loved ones, lays hands on himself, or tries to do it. Here, narcissism is evident, the Pig cynically transported the fragments of the corpse to the dumps, and against the background of the car, in the trunk of which his wife was lying, he was giving interviews to the media. It is a pity that after the first case he will not receive a life sentence, and after some time he will return to continue what he has already begun.

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