Penitentiary System In Russia

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Penitentiary System In Russia
Penitentiary System In Russia

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The penitentiary system is a complex of institutions designed to ensure the rule of law in the country and fight offenses (pre-trial detention center, colony, etc.). It is a constituent part of any state. Helps in maintaining law and order in society.

Penitentiary system in Russia
Penitentiary system in Russia

The system of correctional institutions in Russia

The types of correctional institutions in the Russian Federation are correctional and educational colonies, prisons, pre-trial detention centers, medical correctional institutions. They are organically included in the state system of correction of convicts and are an integral part of it.

The type of institution in which the convicted person will be kept is determined by the court. At the same time, he takes into account many factors, in particular, gender, age, the severity of the offense, the first time or a second convict is brought to justice, etc. Taking into account all the features allows you to choose the option of correction that is optimal for a particular person. The court proceeds from the premise that inmates should exert as little detrimental influence on the convicted person as possible on a person in a correctional institution. In addition, the penitentiary system of Russia provides guarantees for the preservation of the personal freedom of the prisoner.

There are several types of correctional colonies in Russia. Adult convicts serve their sentences in them. General regime colonies contain prisoners convicted of crimes that are not serious. People who are punished for especially grave crimes are held in high security colonies. The third type of colonies is a special regime. They define repeat offenders, those to whom the death penalty was replaced by life imprisonment. There are also settlement colonies - the lightest correctional institution. Accordingly, they contain prisoners who have committed crimes through negligence, and people transferred from general regime colonies for exemplary behavior also end up in a colony-settlement.

For a repeat offender - a prison, for a minor - a colony

Do not confuse a colony and a prison. This is another type of correctional institution in which convicts are assigned for a term of more than five years. In addition, a convict from a colony can be transferred to prison if he is a persistent violator of the regime. There are special and strict regime prisons.

In addition, the penitentiary system of the Russian Federation presupposes the serving of sentences by persons under the age of 18. They are held in educational labor colonies. People can also be there until they reach the age of 21, if they ended up in a colony before the age of 18.

Currently, the Russian penitentiary system requires reform. The reason for this is the high percentage of morbidity in correctional labor institutions, in some places high mortality. Especially the increase in mortality in Russian colonies and prisons was observed in the mid-90s. This was due to the difficult situation in Russia. Today the situation has improved somewhat. Human rights activists are interested in the life and support of people serving sentences. They monitor the rules of detention and observance of the rights of prisoners.

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