How To Write Notes From Ksenia Blazhennaya

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How To Write Notes From Ksenia Blazhennaya
How To Write Notes From Ksenia Blazhennaya

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Among Orthodox saints, Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg occupies a special place. It is believed that she not only protects her native St. Petersburg, but also helps to heal from serious illnesses and drunkenness. Women ask Ksenia for a happy pregnancy and successful childbirth, students - for successful exams. In order for your request to be heard by the Blessed One, you need to write a special note and pass it on, observing certain rules.

How to write notes from Ksenia Blazhennaya
How to write notes from Ksenia Blazhennaya


Step 1

Write your request on a piece of plain paper. You need to do this with your own hands, because it is you who turn to Blessed Xenia, even if you ask for the good of another person. Write as your heart tells you.

Step 2

Start your note with an address that is in prayers, for example, "Blessed Wanderer Xenia" or "Xenia the All-Blessed." Then write what you are asking for: about healing from an illness, about solving an important life problem, about the health of children, about conception, etc. Do not forget to include your name and the names of the loved ones in question.

Step 3

Prepare for your trip to the Blessed Xenia Chapel in St. Petersburg. A few days before visiting the chapel, try to lead a correct lifestyle: do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, read prayers, visit the church, talk to the priest. Be sure to bring bread and biscuits, sweets or other treats with you.

Step 4

In St. Petersburg, go to the Smolenskoye Cemetery along the street. Kamskaya, 24. Get off the metro at the Vasileostrovskaya station. Then you can walk or take a minibus. Do not hesitate to check the way with the locals, Petersburgers will be happy to help you. Not far from the central entrance to the cemetery there is a temple of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. A separate path leads from it to the chapel of Xenia the Blessed.

Step 5

Walk around the building counterclockwise three times. Roll up your note and put it in a special box. It can also be placed under a candle box or against a wall outside a building. Then put your forehead against the wall of the chapel, mentally or in a whisper aloud, ask Xenia the Blessed for help. Light a candle and leave it outside.

Step 6

Go inside the chapel. Here you can turn to Xenia again by reading prayers or expressing a request in your own sincere words. Order a prayer service and put candles to the icons.

Step 7

Don't leave the chapel right away. This place is considered special. In order to leave it, you must receive a sign of some kind. Wait until someone calls you, for example, relatives call on the phone, or until the priest asks those present to come out so that others who want to pray can come in. If nothing of the kind happens, wait until the chapel is finished.

Step 8

Leaving the chapel, crumble the bread that you brought with you to the birds and give the sweets to the beggars or leave them against the wall.

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