How To Apply In A Letter

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How To Apply In A Letter
How To Apply In A Letter

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Those who rarely have to write letters find it difficult to choose the right address to the addressee. After reading this manual, you will be able to figure out in which cases you should write "Dear", "Dear", "Dear" and use other epithets.

How to apply in a letter
How to apply in a letter


Step 1

If you are writing an everyday business letter, then an acceptable form of address would be "Dear …". This word is neutral, expressing politeness, and after it should be added the first name, first name and patronymic, the word "colleague", "comrade" or "master". In the last three cases, you also need to add the person's surname.

Step 2

In case of addressing an individual whose name you know, you should use the appeal "Dear" and add the person's surname, or use the appeal "Dear" with the addition of the addressee's name. The degree of your closeness with the person to whom the letter is addressed will determine the appeal to him.

Step 3

If the letter is addressed to a legal entity, then the name and surname can be omitted, and one of the following appeals can be selected: "Dear Mr. Director", "Dear Mr. Editor", etc. It is customary to address the judges "Your Honor".

Step 4

When addressing an honored worker of arts, science or an official, you should not use the everyday "Dear", but rather start the letter with the words "Dear" or "Dear", by all means adding the name and patronymic of the addressee.

Step 5

The appeal "Citizen" is appropriate in a person as a subject of civil legal relations.

Step 6

When addressing the collective addressee, use the expressions "Dear Sirs", "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen" or "Dear Colleagues".

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