How To Apply For Russian Citizenship

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How To Apply For Russian Citizenship
How To Apply For Russian Citizenship

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To obtain Russian citizenship, you must at least meet one of the conditions stipulated by law. In addition, it is necessary to draw up a large list of documents. Only then can we expect a positive response.

How to get Russian citizenship
How to get Russian citizenship


Step 1

The basis for obtaining Russian citizenship is considered to be the legal and continuous residence of a person on the territory of the country for at least 5 years. The maximum period for which a citizen of another state can leave the country is 3 months.

Step 2

However, there is also a simplified regime for obtaining Russian citizenship. It includes people with Russian parents or incapacitated persons, whose child is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Step 3

Foreigners who have been married to a Russian for at least 3 years can count on a shortened period of obtaining Russian citizenship. Such concessions can be relied upon by foreign workers who have professions of value to the state or merit recognized at the highest political levels.

Step 4

Any person who lives in the countries of the former USSR and received an education after July 1, 2002 in Russia can also become a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Step 5

In addition, to obtain Russian citizenship, one must have a good command of the national language, comply with the laws and have an official source of income sufficient to live in the country.

Step 6

If you are sure that you have grounds for obtaining Russian citizenship, start drawing up the documents. Contact the Russian consulate of your country or the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. Take the application form and fill it out in 2 copies. Write a statement of renunciation of real citizenship. Also, you need to provide a residence permit to the FMS, which will confirm the length of your stay in Russia.

Step 7

Take Russian language courses to obtain a certificate, it also needs to be passed to the Federal Migration Service. Depending on the basis on which you must obtain citizenship, submit the appropriate documents: birth certificate, parent's passport, marriage certificate or educational diploma.

Step 8

Have all documents certified by a notary. Take 4 photos measuring 3 * 4 cm and pay the state fee receipts. All collected documents must be handed over to the Department of the Federal Migration Service. Your application will be reviewed within a year.

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