How To Find Out The OKVED Code In

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How To Find Out The OKVED Code In
How To Find Out The OKVED Code In

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OKVED codes are classified and ordered types of economic activities, a list of which was specially created in order to make it easier to keep tax records associated with specific types of activities of entrepreneurs or companies. The abbreviation OKVED stands for the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities.

How to find out the OKVED code
How to find out the OKVED code

It is necessary

List of OKVED codes


Step 1

Everyone who is going to engage in entrepreneurial activity and private business needs to find out the necessary OKVED codes. When opening an LLC or individual entrepreneur, the application must indicate a list of OKVED codes corresponding to the occupations of the registered individual or legal entity.

Step 2

If you decide to open a business or production, then you already know the types of activities that will be the main ones for you. Before searching for codes, identify specific areas for yourself so that it is easier to find them in the list.

Step 3

To find the codes you need, you will either need to download the OKVED reference book, or use the online help located a

Step 4

All codes according to OKVED are classified according to a common criterion, which is the type of activity. For example, the very first section is Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry. This section contains all the activities related to this category. Also with other sections.

Step 5

Review the section headings of the codes. To find the codes you need, it is not at all necessary to look through the entire huge list, you need to select several categories that your activity may belong to and view only them. For example, if you are going to grow sugar beets, then looking at the headings, you open the codes for Agriculture, and there you will already find "01.11.5 Growing sugar beets". 01.11.5 - this is exactly the code you need according to OKVED.

Step 6

OKVED codes are indicated on Sheet A, which is attached to the Application for registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC as a taxpayer. You can write up to 10 codes on one sheet. If there are more codes, use the additional sheets.

Step 7

When registering, you can specify an unlimited number of codes, but some of them require a license, while others do not allow the use of such a form of taxation as the simplified tax system. Some codes in certain regions will lead to the fact that you will automatically have to submit reports on UTII, even if the types of activities for which such a form of accounting is necessary are not conducted. Therefore, swing too much is also not worth it.

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