How To Find Out The Postal Code

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How To Find Out The Postal Code
How To Find Out The Postal Code

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What is postal code? This is a set of characters that is added to the postal address when sending a letter. It is needed so that the sorting of postal items is faster and easier. In Russia, the postal code consists of six digits. The first three are the area code, the last are the post office number. Large cities (such as Moscow) may have multiple area codes.

How to find out the postal code
How to find out the postal code


Step 1

An incorrectly written index can lead to the fact that your letter will not reach the addressee right away - first, it will travel to the post office whose code you mistakenly indicated - and only after that it will be forwarded to its destination. Therefore, it is better to write postal codes without errors. But how do you find out the code of the post office to which your addressee is "assigned"?

Step 2

Firstly, you can find out the index at any branch of the Russian Post. Just state the city and name (sometimes you may need a house number as well). The post office employees will check the reference book containing data on the service area of ​​all post offices in Russia and will tell you the required index.

Step 3

If you are "friends" with search engines, then you don't have to go to the post office. When you search for "indexes of Russia" or "indexes of the city N", you can immediately find resources to find out what you are looking for. This information is not classified, and is in the public domain absolutely legally.

Step 4

To find the index you are interested in in the database, first select the city, then select the street. It happens that houses on the same street are served by different post offices. In this case, the site indicates on what basis they are divided. Choose the one you need - and feel free to write the index on the envelope, you can't go wrong!

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