Zhulin Alexander Vyacheslavovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Zhulin Alexander Vyacheslavovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Zhulin Alexander Vyacheslavovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Alexander Zhulin has repeatedly admitted that he considers skaters to be the most beautiful women on the planet. It is no wonder that the now famous sports coach was married three times to figure skaters. True, not everything in his personal life always went smoothly.

Zhulin Alexander Vyacheslavovich: biography, career, personal life
Zhulin Alexander Vyacheslavovich: biography, career, personal life

Childhood and becoming a skater

Alexander Zhulin was born in 1963 in Kaliningrad. From early childhood, the boy was engaged in figure skating, his grandmother closely followed his progress. But the coaches also singled out a diligent boy who fearlessly made difficult jumps.

The professional growth of the young skater demanded a move to the capital. And from the age of 9, Sasha successfully trained in Moscow. He won prizes in the junior championships, but the young man clearly lacked something to completely merge with figure skating. And at the age of 17, a revelation occurred, Alexander began to skate in pairs.


The first partner of Alexander Zhulin was the now famous Maya Usova. This duo has won numerous international awards, including the Olympic silver medal.

When the couple ended their sports career, Zhulin devoted himself entirely to coaching and achieved success. His most famous duet is Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov, multiple world and Olympic champions.

Personal life

The famous coach was married three times. His first wife was his partner Maya Usova. Alexander himself admitted in an interview that he was in no hurry with Maya down the aisle, but the prospect of getting a room in a hostel decided the issue of marriage.

Whether the marriage with Maya was happy is hard to say. But the young Zhulin clearly showed an increased interest in the female sex, and the figure skater's family life did not bother him. The marriage with Maya broke up at about the same time as the sports couple. Probably, the reason for everything was Alexander's betrayal.

There were persistent rumors about Zhulin's romance with the famous figure skater Oksana Grischuk at that time. Oksana even later described her relationship with Alexander in her book. And Zhulin himself does not deny the novel, although he recalls it with displeasure. Oksana's relationship with Alexander developed at a time when the skater was still married to Maya Usova.

Maya Usova is Alexander's only wife, with whom he does not maintain a relationship, although he speaks of her with respect.

The next wife of Alexander Zhulin was his student Tatyana Navka. From this vivid relationship, the couple had a daughter, Sasha, who is incredibly similar to her beautiful mother and is also engaged in figure skating. Relations with Tatyana broke off when nothing boded trouble. They talked about Tatyana's betrayal with Marat Basharov, but these are just rumors. Tatiana soon married an influential person, and Alexander, it seems, has not forgotten his magnificent wife. You can guess this if you look at Alexander's third wife Natalia Mikhailova, who is like two drops of water similar to her predecessor Tatyana.

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