How To Open A Museum

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How To Open A Museum
How To Open A Museum

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Any museum starts with a collection, and it must be original enough to attract visitors. Do you collect stones, toy frogs, old postcards and you have already accumulated so many of them that you would like to show them not only to your personal guests? So it's time to think about opening a private museum.

How to open a museum
How to open a museum


Step 1

Think about what you are going to create a museum for. The form of your further activity will depend on the goal. Perhaps you want to tell your fellow countrymen and guests of your city about your values, show them interesting exhibits, tell the history of your places. Maybe you intend to create a club of like-minded people in the future. By the way, these two goals can be combined. There is nothing wrong with making money - but then it should be a unique museum.

Step 2

Choose a room. At first, this can be a school class, a kindergarten group, a room in an office or even in your apartment. An ideal option would be a property owned. It makes no difference - the first floor of a city house or your own summer cottage. It is desirable that the place be crowded. Otherwise, you have to take care of advertising. The premises can be rented, but in this case you will very much depend on the rent and on the mood of the owner of the building.

Step 3

Decide who will work for your museum. There are small private museums, where the owner is both the director and the chief curator, and the guide, and the curator of exhibitions. For a while, such an existence is possible. But the moment will inevitably come when you need to share responsibilities. The museum should have four to five employees. The chief curator must keep track of the exhibits, know what needs to be restored, what needs to be purchased to replenish the exposition. You may need both an accountant and a cleaning lady. It is unlikely that you can do all this on your own. It is very good if your family members can help you.

Step 4

Decide on funding sources and budget. If the museum is located in an apartment or at your dacha, issues with utility bills are automatically resolved. In this case, you can save on cleaning, since you or your family members do it anyway. But some sums will be needed for the purchase and restoration of exhibits, as well as for advertising. Think in advance where you will get them.

Step 5

Decide how you will organize the excursions. The school and municipal museum has certain opening hours. In a private museum located in an apartment or in a country house, the system of work may be different. Excursions must be arranged in advance by phone with a guide. This is especially important if the museum is not located on the main street, and tourists come from afar and need to be met at the station.

Step 6

Come up with activities that you will have in addition to excursions and exhibitions. These can be evenings, meetings with students, presentations, and more.

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