How To Organize Your Orphanage

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How To Organize Your Orphanage
How To Organize Your Orphanage

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Family orphanages are an alternative to children's orphanages. In such homes, a married couple is involved in raising children, who are guardians, and for the kids - just a mom and dad.

How to organize your orphanage
How to organize your orphanage


Step 1

There are several types of family orphanages.

1.Family town. It consists of 8-12 houses for 1-2 families. On the basis of the town, a whole village is being created with a leisure center, medical services, sports facilities, schools and gardens. Every family has guardians - mom and dad, who bring up adopted and native children.

2. Family orphanage. It is organized in a detached private house with a land plot in a residential village.

3. A family orphanage is a family that has adopted at least 6 adopted children. Such a family can apply for an apartment or a private house.

Step 2

In order to obtain the status of a family orphanage, spouses must take at least 6, but not more than 10 children for upbringing (under guardianship). Taking into account their own children, the total number should not exceed 12 people. Children can be taken in custody from birth up to 18 years of age. From 10 years old - only with the consent of the child and the decision of the social protection institution and the director of the social institution where the baby was staying.

Step 3

In order to be able to become guardians, you must apply to the local guardianship authorities. The following documents must be submitted along with the application:

Passports of both spouses.

A copy of the marriage certificate.

Copies of certificates of education.

An extract from the work book.

Medical report of the established form.

Step 4

In the case of a positive conclusion and the transfer of children to the family, the guardianship authorities exercise control over the life of the children. Guardianship employees have the right to visit children and take an interest in their living conditions, the performance of their duties by the guardians.

Step 5

A certain amount of money is paid monthly for the maintenance of the child. Plus, each guardian receives a salary.

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