How To Get Into The Israeli Army

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How To Get Into The Israeli Army
How To Get Into The Israeli Army

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The IDF ("Tswa Haganah le Israel"), which means "Israel Defense Forces", was founded a couple of weeks after the founding of the state itself, in 1948. Many years have passed, but every citizen of this small, proud state considers it an honor to pay his debt to his homeland. However, a citizen of another country, subject to certain conditions, can also serve in the Israeli army.

How to get into the Israeli army
How to get into the Israeli army


Step 1

For numerous volunteers, there are several programs that are being implemented by the IDF Mobilization Directorate and the World Jewish Agency "Sokhnut". Only young men and women with Jewish roots, aged 18-25, who live in any country in the world, can serve in the Israeli army.

Step 2

To participate in the program, contact the management of these organizations or the local Jewish community, which will tell you where to go in the future.

Step 3

Confirm Jewishness: provide "ktubu" - this is the marriage contract of the parents, which they entered into upon marriage. Such a document is issued in the synagogue, you can apply there.

Step 4

Also provide a birth certificate of one of the parents, which clearly indicates his Jewish nationality (military ID or old-style civilian passport). Among other things, it is necessary to enlist the support and recommendations of the Jewish community at the place of residence.

Step 5

If everything is in order with the recommendation documents and the program management comes to the conclusion that you really have some rights to repatriation, 6 weeks before the call you will be invited to a recruiting office in Israel.

Step 6

At the recruiting station, it is necessary to undergo a medical commission, as a result of which a psychological profile will be determined and a referral to the combat or rear units of the Israeli army will be issued. Then you need to take an intensive Hebrew course.

Step 7

After the call-up, the soldier is waiting for a course of a young soldier for 4, 5 months in combat units. Remember that volunteers serve in the Israeli army for 14.4 months.

Step 8

Volunteer soldiers may reside in the military base, or, like many native Israelis, they may rent suitable accommodation nearby, since serving in the Israeli army involves weekends, days off and even holidays.

Step 9

It is important to remember that hazing in the Israeli army is a criminal offense, but there is still an unspoken hierarchy.

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