Entelis Ksenia Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Entelis Ksenia Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Entelis Ksenia Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Entelis Ksenia Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Entelis Ksenia Nikolaevna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Два мужа актрисы Ксении Энтелис. И какие у нее отношения с Дмитрием Орловым? 2023, May

The popularity of Ksenia Entelis brought roles in the series. The actress became a discovery for the general public after the famous film story "My Fair Nanny". Ksenia's path to creative heights was not the easiest: she had to work hard until she gained the well-deserved popularity.

Ksenia Nikolaevna Entelis
Ksenia Nikolaevna Entelis

From the biography of Ksenia Entelis

The future popular actress was born on January 18, 1971 in the capital of the USSR. Her father Nikolai Entelis was at that time a well-known writer, his works were published in the magazine Krokodil, which was beloved by Soviet readers. There is a family legend according to which such an unusual surname for Russia has Mediterranean roots. Perhaps the family of Xenia originates from the prince who ruled on the island of Rhodes.

As a child, Ksyusha dreamed of making archaeological discoveries and searching for ancient treasures. At the thought of the treasures hidden in the earth, Ksenia Nikolaevna admits, she is still thrown into a pleasant shiver.

But the girl was not destined to become an archaeologist. Once my mother took her daughter to the Youth Theater, where Ksenia, with great enthusiasm, began to comprehend the basics of the actress's craft. The girl sometimes spent more time on work in the studio than on classes in high school.

Ksenia also attended the acrobatics section. She got up early - she had to be in time for the theater. In the theatrical circle, she learned to be hardy, work almost without rest and overcome life's difficulties.

Career as an actress

Ksenia Nikolaevna's film debut was her participation in one of the Yeralash releases. Even then, the aspiring actress worked selflessly, not knowing fatigue, not thinking about rest and food.

Having matured, Ksenia studied at the Moscow Art Theater School (workshop of I. Tarkhanov). In those years, she had a chance to go to the United States. She attended a music school in Florida, comprehending the history of musicals, solfeggio, and the theory of musical art.

The years of study at the university are behind us. Entelis entered the service at Lenkom. There, the actress got mainly dance roles. Then she took part in the productions of A. Abdulov. Ksenia began to write songs, some of which were performed by D. Pevtsov, N. Karachentsov, S. Chonishvili.

However, then the actress had to choose between theater and cinema. Entelis chose cinema. Critics point out that Entelis is best at romantic roles when she has to create images of women with complex characters. Viewers could see Entelis in the series Law and Order, in the films Alexandria Garden, Thief. Ksenia played many supporting roles in countless TV series at the beginning of this century.

Personal life of Ksenia Entelis

Positive and benevolent Ksenia knows how to win the hearts of fans with a bewitching smile. Entelis calls his character soft. She refers to herself as an "owl" because she is used to going to bed after midnight. However, Ksenia often gets up together with inveterate "larks", feeling great at the same time.

The first husband of Xenia was a businessman who owned a restaurant. The girl was only 18 years old at the time. But the marriage did not become happy - a year later the couple broke up.

A few years later, Entelis met Alexander Vista, at that time a member of the "Araks" group. In 2000, Ksenia gave birth to a son, who was named Maxim. But this marriage did not stand the test of time. Entelis does not tell reporters about the reasons for the breakup. In general, by the nature of her character, she does not really like to entrust her innermost thoughts to outsiders.

Already in 2014, Ksenia entered into a legal matrimonial relationship with Dmitry Orlov, whom she had known for many years. Old feelings flashed with renewed vigor between them on the set.

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