How To Win A Laptop

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How To Win A Laptop
How To Win A Laptop

Video: How To Win A Laptop

Video: How To Win A Laptop
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The most popular free cheese in modern mousetraps from the world's leading scammers is the laptop. However, there are still several ways to win a valuable prize and in a relatively fair way. Although the chances that you will be the lucky owner of a laptop are rather small.

How to win a laptop
How to win a laptop


Step 1

Pay attention to which links you are invited to follow in order to win a laptop. If the link does not start with the name of one of the well-known laptop manufacturers or retailers, do not follow it. It is likely that this address was created for recruiting referrals, or in the worst case, clicking on this link will lead to theft of information from your computer.

Step 2

Take part in one of the creative contests announced on the official websites of laptop manufacturers or well-known retail chains selling them. The chances of winning a laptop in this case are extremely small, but at least you will be able to spend time with the benefit of your abilities. Please note that such contests may be arranged from time to time by the administration of social networks.

Step 3

Buy the household appliances you need in one of the stores, fill out the lottery coupon, in which one of the prizes is a laptop, indicate your coordinates and wait for the day of the drawing. If the drawing is held by a reputable trading network, then in this case you already have a real chance to win, if not a notebook, then some useful trifle in the household.

Step 4

If you receive a message on your phone or e-mail with the good news that you have won a laptop, delete this letter, especially if you do not know either the number from which it was sent, or the return e-mail address. Such messages are sent by common scammers in order to gain access to accounts and codes.

Step 5

If you decide to try your luck and take part in contests, information about which is published in newspapers and magazines, do not send money to the addresses indicated in the information on the conditions of their holding and do not purchase any goods. Such actions are arranged either for the purpose of profit from the trust of citizens or in order to sell stale goods (which, in principle, are almost the same).

Step 6

Collect the required number of covers, logos, inserts, etc. from various products and send them to the address indicated on the package. The chances of winning a laptop at the same time are negligible, but as a last resort, you will be sent a beautiful trinket with the manufacturer's logo or a similar amount of not yet printed goods.

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