How To Celebrate Easter

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How To Celebrate Easter
How To Celebrate Easter

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Video: How To Celebrate Easter
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Easter is the most important celebration in the life of all Orthodox Christians. It is this religious holiday that is celebrated in honor of the resurrection of Christ. Since ancient times, people have celebrated Easter according to their religious customs, but over time, during the transmission of customs from generation to generation, many traditions have been forgotten.

How to celebrate Easter
How to celebrate Easter


Step 1

Easter is celebrated after the spring full moon, on the first day of the weeks according to Jewish reckoning, i.e. on Sunday.

Step 2

Believers observe Great Lent 7 weeks before Easter. The tradition of observing Great Lent consists not only in abstaining from animal food and carnal pleasures, but also attending church services and receiving communion. Such fasting allows you to cleanse yourself before Easter not only physically, the main goal of observing Great Lent is spiritual cleansing. It is especially important to adhere to fasting in the last week before Easter - "Holy Week".

Step 3

On Maundy Thursday, it is customary to put things in order everywhere and be sure to swim before sunset. According to legend, on this day the "Last Supper" took place, in which Jesus washed the feet of the apostles. Also on Thursday they are preparing for the festive table: they paint eggs, bake cakes and Easter.

Step 4

On Good Friday, fasting Orthodox Christians do not eat until the Holy Shroud is taken out of the church, in which, according to legend, the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped and which testifies to the atonement of human sins. Also, on this day, you should refrain from serious matters.

Step 5

People bring cooked Easter, Easter cakes and eggs for consecration to the church on Holy Saturday. On this day, solemn services are held in all Orthodox churches.

Step 6

A festive table is set on Easter Sunday morning. Various treats and dishes are placed on the table, including non-lean ones, as well as Easter cakes, Easter and painted eggs consecrated in the church. The Easter festival lasts 40 days. It was this period that Jesus Christ spent on earth after his resurrection, so you can safely say to each other "Christ is Risen" within 40 days after Easter Sunday.

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