How To Celebrate Catholic Easter

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How To Celebrate Catholic Easter
How To Celebrate Catholic Easter

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Easter is one of the most important religious holidays not only in the Orthodox, but also in the Catholic Church. However, Catholics have their own customs and traditions that accompany this solemn day for believers.

How to celebrate Catholic Easter
How to celebrate Catholic Easter


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So-called practicing Catholics who regularly attend church should begin their Easter celebrations with Mass held on the night of Saturday to Sunday before the day. Easter in Catholicism is calculated according to the Gregorian calendar and usually falls on a date earlier than the Orthodox holiday. In some years they coincide.

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An important component of the holiday is folklore elements, which have become part of the tradition even for those residents of Catholic countries who do not attend church. These include traditional Easter dishes, primarily eggs. The tradition of dyeing chicken eggs is not developed in all Catholic countries. On the modern table, they are often replaced by chocolate eggs. The traditional dish on the Easter table in France and Germany is lamb. In Germany, it can be accompanied or replaced by a sweet biscuit baked in the shape of a lamb. These symbols have largely pagan roots and symbolize the sacrificial animal, which later became part of the Christian tradition. In Italy, special muffins are baked for Easter, similar in appearance and composition to Russian Easter cakes.

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Symbolism in the form of animals in general is often present in the Easter tradition of Catholics. In France, the chicken becomes such an element. Oftentimes, a chocolate hen is sold with eggs and served as a dessert. A character like the Easter Bunny is used in the design of homes and childcare facilities. Also on Easter, bouquets of fresh flowers are installed in houses and mistletoe is hung - a symbol popular at Christmas.

Step 4

The so-called egg hunt becomes an interesting entertainment for children. Parents hide chocolate eggs in the house or in the garden, and the child must look for them. Such activities are often organized jointly, for example, by several families of neighbors for their children.

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