Sokolov Maxim Yurievich: Biography Of The Minister Of Transport

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Sokolov Maxim Yurievich: Biography Of The Minister Of Transport
Sokolov Maxim Yurievich: Biography Of The Minister Of Transport

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Sokolov Maxim Yurievich - Former Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation. His brilliant career can only be envied. He has achieved incredible success in the economic and political sphere of activity. He showed himself as an active, active and wise politician.

Sokolov Maxim Yurievich: biography of the Minister of Transport
Sokolov Maxim Yurievich: biography of the Minister of Transport

Childhood and youth

The history of the former Minister of Transport began in Leningrad in September 1968. His parents were medical professionals. Already in his school years, he was distinguished by an active life position. He was the head of a pioneer organization, and in his youth he took responsibility for the Leningrad headquarters of pioneers. It was then that fate brought him together with Valentina Matvienko. She then served as the head of the Komsomol committee.


The parents wanted their son to build a career as a doctor. But Maxim Yuryevich decided to enter the Faculty of Law. Studies had to be interrupted due to military service. After returning, the young man quickly caught up with his fellow students and passed the exams as an external student. With honors in his hands, Maxim Sokolov took up the position of a teacher at his own educational institution. It was there that he managed to make many useful acquaintances. Sokolov enjoyed being at the lectures of Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time was a simple teacher.

In parallel with his work at the university, Maxim Yuryevich decided to engage in commercial activities. In the 90s, he opened the Rossi-Service company. Pretty soon, the man decided to completely go into business, realizing that working as a teacher would not bring any prospects. Then it was decided to create the "Corporation C" project, where he took the position of general director. Soon, the company's activities provoked a huge scandal due to illegal developments in the center of St. Petersburg. Organizations for the protection of cultural monuments, together with local residents, argued that irreparable damage was caused to the city. The company was forgotten when Sokolov decided to go into the political arena.

The man began to work in the administration of St. Petersburg. From that moment, his political career began. Rumors began to seep into the press that a long-standing friendship with Valentina Matvienko helped to get a place. Sokolov masterfully coped with his duties and quickly attracted the attention of the federal government. Therefore, no one was surprised when he received an offer from the President of the Russian Federation to take the post of Minister of Transport. While working in the civil service, he received the Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

In May 2018, Sokolov left the post of Minister of Transport. After leaving his post, the politician is predicted to be an advisor to Aeroflot and Transneft. These rumors began leaking into the press during his career as a minister.

Personal life

Maxim Sokolov is happily married and has three sons. His wife, Tatyana Alekseevna Sokolova, lives outside the Russian Federation. This fact has repeatedly fueled intense media interest. Before the wedding, the woman briefly worked at the US Embassy located in Moscow.

The Minister of Transport, in his free time from politics, prefers to devote to alpine skiing, hunting and show jumping.

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