Alexander Druz: Biography, Family And Television Career

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Alexander Druz: Biography, Family And Television Career
Alexander Druz: Biography, Family And Television Career

Video: Alexander Druz: Biography, Family And Television Career

Video: Alexander Druz: Biography, Family And Television Career
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Alexander Druz is known, perhaps, to every intelligent family in Russia. Master of the game "What? Where When?", The owner of numerous crystal owls has his own opinion on everything, which is not afraid to defend. The career of a "smart person" did not take shape right away, but it certainly turned out to be very successful.

Alexander Druz: biography, family and television career
Alexander Druz: biography, family and television career


Alexander Abramovich Druz was born in 1955 in Leningrad into a decent Jewish family. Alexander had many books at home, and he read everything that was bad. However, this did not prevent young Sasha from driving the ball around the yard, running away to swim in the ponds and catching May beetles. The usual childhood of an ordinary Soviet child.


At school, Sasha studied well, but he was not an excellent student, and for the time being no one guessed about his outstanding mental abilities.

After school, Alexander entered the technical school, and only after graduation - to the institute. It was here that the future television star showed his abilities with might and main, graduating from a higher educational institution with honors. Alexander received the specialty "engineer", and for some time worked in accordance with the chosen direction. But soon life gave Friends a surprise.

A television

Since childhood, Alexander loved the game “What? Where? When? and always answered questions correctly, sitting at home in front of the TV. Once Druz decided to apply for membership in the composition of experts, and the application was approved. Previously, of course, Alexander answered a lot of tricky questions.

Druz turned out to be such a charismatic player that viewers immediately fell in love with him. The same cannot be said about leadership. He was somewhat expelled from the “What? Where? When?”, But always returned back. It was boring to play without him. And it's dangerous with him. He was often self-willed, broke the rules, said what he thought, even if it went against the presenter's opinion.

Personal life

Druz met his wife while still in the first grade. Elena was a mischievous and brave girl, and young Druz could not resist her charm. It is a pity that life soon divorced young people to different schools.

But Druz knew how to look after girls and get his way. In high school, Alexander and Elena met again in order not to part.

In 1978, the young people got married, and soon they had two daughters - Inna and Marina. The girls resembled their mothers with a cheerful disposition and cheerfulness, but they inherited intelligence and a thirst for knowledge from their father.

It should be noted that Alexander was very scrupulous about raising girls, trying to develop the best qualities in them. As a result, both daughters of Friends also participated in “What? Where? When? and became the owners of crystal owls.

Friends and cat

The Friends family consists of another important member. This is a huge cat Sean, nicknamed the Master. The nickname was not given by chance. Ten years ago, the cat was admitted to the master's degree “What? Where? When? with an advisory vote at meetings. But, unfortunately, the furry master never exercised this right.