Abbington Amanda: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Abbington Amanda: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Abbington Amanda: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Abbington Amanda: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Abbington Amanda: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington interview - The One Show - 19th December 2013 2023, March

British actress Amanda Abbington is best known for her role as Mary, wife of Dr. Watson, in the Hartswood Films series for BBC Wales, Sherlock. The actress has almost fifty roles in films and television series, including: "Pure English Murder", "Dr. Martin", "Psychoville", "Crimes of the Past", "Mr. Selfridge", "Security".

Amanda Abbington
Amanda Abbington

Not everyone knows that, having appeared in the third season of the series "Sherlock" in the role of Watson's wife, played by Martin Freeman, Abbington at that time was really in a relationship with him for almost fifteen years.

The creative biography of the actress began in the 90s, and during this time she gained a huge number of fans of her talent all over the world. Amanda is a wonderful mother raising two children. She has a unique sense of humor, she has amazing charisma, kindness and a very persistent character. Abbington is also involved in charity work and is a member of the Animal Welfare Society.

early years

The girl was born in the winter of 1974 in London and was the only child in the family. Her father worked as a driver, and her mother devoted most of her time to raising her daughter. As a legacy from her mother, Amanda received beautiful eyes, attractive appearance, kindness, openness and charisma.

From early childhood, the girl was fond of dancing and dreamed of how she would perform on stage, becoming a famous ballerina. For a long time she attended a ballet studio, but her dreams were not destined to come true. Amanda was seriously injured in one of the classes and an end was put to her further career as a dancer.

For a long time, Amanda did not know what else to do in life until she got on television. It was there that her creative career in cinema began, where she successfully continues to demonstrate her acting talent.

Film career

Debut Amanda in the movie took place in the television series "Pure English Murder", where she got a small role in one of the series. She liked acting, and the girl decided to continue her film career.

Amanda started looking for new projects right after her debut role and began attending numerous castings. Amanda did not succeed in achieving quick success. At first she starred in numerous TV series, among which were: "Dream Team", "Wycliffe", "Hearts and Bones", "Grip", "Catastrophe".

After a few years, her roles became more noticeable, and Amanda starred in full-length films and regular series, however, which were only aired on television. Among her works are roles in the films: "Duty", "Only Men", "The Price of Cheating", "All Together", "Harley Streets", "Psychoville", "Poirot", "Ghosts". On the "Men Only" project, Abbington met Martin Freeman, the future common-law husband of the actress.

Great success came to Amanda after filming the TV series "Sherlock". Her partners on the site were Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott. After the release of the third and fourth parts of the picture, Amanda gained recognition all over the world, and she had a huge army of fans.

After "Sherlock" Abbington starred in several more series, among which it is worth noting: "Crimes of the Past", "Handcuffs", "Mr. Selfridge", "Deer Hunt", "Security", and the films: "Sex Swap", " Ghosts "," Another Mother "," Twisted House ".

Personal life

Amanda saw her future chosen one - Martin Freeman - long before their personal acquaintance. After seeing one of his works, she fell in love with the actor and decided that this man was destined for her.

Soon Amanda and Martin find themselves together on the set of the series "Men Only" and feelings immediately flared up between them. Within a month, the couple began to live together. In 2005, Amanda and Martin had a son, Joe, and four years later, a daughter, Grace.

Although the actors have lived together for over fifteen years, their relationship has never been officially registered. And in 2016, the couple announced their separation, the reasons for which never became known to anyone.

Amanda and Martin continue to be friends and are involved in raising children together.

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