How To Prove An Accident

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How To Prove An Accident
How To Prove An Accident

Video: How To Prove An Accident

Video: How To Prove An Accident
Video: How to Prove Pain and Suffering in a Car Accident | Spring Hill Injury Lawyer 2023, June

Every driver at least once, but got into a traffic accident. To prove your innocence, you need to know the pitfalls that can be encountered when registering an accident.

How to prove an accident
How to prove an accident


Step 1

If you are sure of your innocence, then you need to carefully monitor the correctness of the documents, as well as the scheme of the traffic accident, which are filled in by the traffic police at the scene of the accident.

Step 2

Describe carefully in the explanatory note the situation in which the accident occurred. If you think that the accident was caused by the weather or bad road conditions, indicate it. Carefully describe the signs and traffic lights you followed. Pay special attention to the description of the turn signal signals, the distance between cars, as well as all the details that are important for the subsequent proof of your innocence in an accident.

Step 3

If you do not agree with the inspectors, then do not sign any documents, or write down your disagreement before signing.

Step 4

Try to attract witnesses. If in the course of the proceedings doubts arise, their testimony may affect the decision of the case. Even if the witnesses wrote explanatory notes, ask them for their phone numbers and addresses so that in case of a controversial issue they can be contacted.

Step 5

Call a lawyer to the scene of the accident. He will not only check the authenticity of drawing up a protocol and scheme of an accident, but also recommend how you should behave in a given situation.

Step 6

Do not get involved in disputes with other participants in the accident, as well as traffic police officers. Prove your innocence reasonably, based on the testimony of witnesses.

Step 7

Take pictures of the crash site from different angles, paying particular attention to the damage caused to your car. This footage can help you prove your innocence when you go to court.

Step 8

If a ruling on your guilt is nevertheless passed, do not rush to give up. You can always appeal it in court, and then file a claim against the second participant in the accident.

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