Singer Mikhail Zhukov: Biography And Creativity

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Singer Mikhail Zhukov: Biography And Creativity
Singer Mikhail Zhukov: Biography And Creativity

Video: Singer Mikhail Zhukov: Biography And Creativity

Video: Singer Mikhail Zhukov: Biography And Creativity
Video: Mikhail Zhukov @ UNITY CLUB am SA. 18.02.17 (official trailer) 2023, December

Zhukov Mikhail is the brother of Sergei Zhukov, the lead singer of the Hands Up group, popular in the 90s. The brothers wrote many songs together. Mikhail was in the shadows for a long time, although he is no less talented than his brother.

Zhukov Mikhail
Zhukov Mikhail

early years

Mikhail Evgenievich was born on May 23, 1983. The family lived in Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. Misha is 7 years younger than Sergei. Mother was a music teacher, she instilled in her sons an interest in art.

Misha was distinguished by exemplary behavior, he studied well. He was interested in sports, played football, rooted for Spartak.

The brothers listened to the groups "Gas Sector", "Bachelor Party", were interested in foreign hits, chanson, rap, pop music. They were also fond of fishing, this hobby has survived to this day. At school, Mikhail was the soul of the company, he had many fans.

Creative biography

Zhukov's creative biography began when he realized that he wanted to connect life with music. He organized the Dobre group. Together with Dotsenko Denis, they performed compositions combining pop music and rap.

The musicians said that they played for themselves and their friends, the group had fans. There were few songs ("King of the Era", "Unmade Bed", "Concierge" and others), but they did not plan to record an album. They did not re-sing the songs of the "Hands Up" group, in principle opposing this.

The Dobre team did not become popular. Since 2013, Mikhail began to cooperate with the start-up groups "Opium Project", "United Brotherhood". Sergey decided to help his brother, they created a joint project. Information appeared in the media that the Zhukov brothers were planning to perform together, and interest in Mikhail increased.

The composition "You are my sea" became popular, later a video was released on it, which was filmed on the island of Koh Samui. The video was often played on Music Box, MUZ-TV, RU. TV. It attracted the attention of fans of the creativity of the Zhukov brothers. However, the composition did not receive the Golden Gramophone from Russian Radio.

In 2015, Mikhail and Sergey recorded the disc "Fall asleep". In 2016, the clip "Meduza" in the style of the 90s was released. The artist continues to give concerts, he tours the cities of Russia. Zhukov Jr. works solo or performs with the "Hands Up" group.

The tour takes place in many cities of Russia, in 2018 Mikhail gave a concert in Germany (in the "Unity-Club"). In 2018, his new composition "Zaya" was released, which was appreciated by fans.

Mikhail and Sergey are also involved in the restaurant business. They are the owners of a chain of bars called Hands Up.

Personal life

Mikhail Evgenievich tries not to dwell on his personal life. It is known that he got married in 2017, his girlfriend Polina became his wife. Instead of wedding dresses, the newlyweds came in the same clothes - T-shirts and plaid shirts. In 2018, the newly minted husband and wife visited Europe, the photos can be viewed on Mikhail's social media pages.