Sabatella Leticia: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Sabatella Leticia: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Sabatella Leticia: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Sabatella Leticia is a Brazilian actress, a telenovela star, a real idol for the people of her country. This sultry beauty is not involved in any scandal, and for her social achievements she was awarded the honorary titles "Conscience of the Country" and "Mother of the Year".

Sabatella Leticia: biography, career, personal life
Sabatella Leticia: biography, career, personal life


The future Brazilian celebrity was born in early March 1972 in the small town of Belo Horizonte. Mother worked at school, and father worked as an engineer. It was mainly grandmothers who were involved in raising a child, and they, like parents, believed that the main thing in a person was spirituality and piety.

Parents dreamed that their daughter would become a doctor, but from an early age, Sabatella Leticia gravitated towards creativity. She studied ballet, sang beautifully, performed in children's theater and dreamed of becoming an actress. At the age of 12, she experienced a case of sexual harassment, miraculously escaping tragedy, after which she was afraid of a relationship for a long time. After school, the girl entered the university, but did not finish her education, moving to Rio de Janeiro.


Sabatella first appeared on the set of the telenovela "Teresa Batista", auditioning for the lead role at the age of 21. But she was not taken, for her charm and artistry, she was immediately offered to star in another project, the serial drama "Master of the World", where the actress met her future husband and the father of her daughter. But after that, the actress was waiting for a break in her career for three long years.

The first serious work of Leticia in 2001, which determined her entire future career, was the role in the project "Clone" - one of the most successful Brazilian TV series of the early 21st century from the studio "Globo". The film raises questions of drug addiction, cloning, family planning - and all this takes place against the usual background of Brazilian melodrama. There, the actress found her best friend for life - screenwriter Gloria Perez.

Sabatella's next high-profile performance was the role of the villainess Yvonne in Roads of India, the series that received an Emmy for Best Novel of 2009. This is the story of a love triangle against the backdrop of the everyday life of a country with its multinationality, traditions, social stereotypes and morality. Thanks to this film, Leticia was recognized in Russia.

The creative biography of Leticia has about 30 works in film and television, she is truly a cult figure in her country. The actress tried herself as a singer, performs in the theater, writes poetry and dreams of making a director's career.

Personal life


At the age of 21, the actress met the actor Angela Antoniu. A stormy romance broke out between them, which ended in a wedding. The couple settled in Curitiba and created their own theater group there. In 1993, a child appeared in the family, and this was a turning point in the fate of Leticia. The girl turned out to be premature, and for three months the doctors fought for the life of little Klara. Angela and Leticia changed each other at their daughter's bedside. In 2003, the couple quietly parted, without scandals and speaking only warm words about each other.

In 2009, the actress had a small affair with the artist Andre Gonçalves. And in 2013, she married Fernanda Alvis Pinto, becoming the second mother to his three children from his first marriage, and since then they have lived happily.

The actress leads a very private lifestyle. Eagerly communicating with fans on social networks, Leticia stubbornly refuses to talk about something with journalists and give detailed interviews, allowing the press into her private life. Leticia is a vegetarian, leads a healthy lifestyle and actively participates in community and charitable initiatives.

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