Why Does The Blessed Fire Descend

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Why Does The Blessed Fire Descend
Why Does The Blessed Fire Descend

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The Holy Fire is a great miracle, a symbol of faith and an object of worship and reverence for many pilgrims who seek to touch the highest physical manifestation of faith. For the first time this divine phenomenon was seen and subsequently documented on the tomb of the Lord at the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ himself. Since then, for more than two thousand years every year without delay, he announces to the parishioners a great event, which cannot be prevented, on the eve of the Easter holiday.

Why does the blessed fire descend
Why does the blessed fire descend


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Photo and video materials confirm the miraculous phenomenon of the blessed fire, to see which at least once in a lifetime is a duty and honor for every believer. The descent of the blessed fire is accompanied by a special rite conducted by the Jerusalem priests, during which all candles are extinguished and a mass prayer service is performed, which lasts for several minutes, then drags on for several hours.

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Small outbreaks appearing from nowhere, concentrating around icons, windows and domes, slowly illuminate the entire church space with bright light, without burning or causing other visible harm. At this moment, the blessing of all present parishioners by the patriarch takes place, the parishioners rejoice, bringing candles, lit miraculously, to the hair and body without any doubt or harm. At this moment, one can feel the unity, spiritual exultation and rebirth of the entire human race.

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Since ancient times, skeptics have been trying to explain the physical meaning of this process, comparing a cold, slightly greenish flame with a simple burning of ether, accusing the church of fraud and all kinds of tricks and playing on the feelings of parishioners, however, according to eyewitnesses, such a miraculous phenomenon can be observed not only on the eve of Easter, but also on separate dates throughout the entire Orthodox year.

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The earliest eyewitness account of this miracle is the description of the Russian abbot Daniel, who visited the Holy Sepulcher in the 12th century. Since then, despite the strife and repeated attempts of Muslims to stop the natural course of this process, the blessed fire inexorably appears within the walls of the temple, which can accommodate more than 50 thousand pilgrims from all over the world, announcing the resurrection of the Lord and the light that illuminated the earth in connection with such a symbolic event. Whether to consider it a miracle or a skillful fake is a purely individual matter, but eyewitnesses who have ever observed such a phenomenon will never forget this glorious moment in their life.

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