Burcu Ozberk: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Burcu Ozberk: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Burcu Ozberk: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Burcu Ozberk: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Burcu Ozberk: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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The beautiful Burcu Ozberk became incredibly popular after she began acting in a historical series called "The Magnificent Century". She was offered to play the daughter of Ibrahim Pasha. The debut in the cinema was remembered by many.

Burcu Ozberk
Burcu Ozberk

Some time ago, a new wonderful series "The Magnificent Age" was released, which tells about important historical events. Incredibly beautiful actors, adorable costumes, wonderful views, an interesting plot - all this allowed the directors to achieve significant popularity for the series. One of the main characters was played by Burcu Ozberk. It was thanks to the shooting in this picture that they finally began to recognize her on the streets.


The actress is considered very demanding of herself and her own appearance, for this reason, in order to play well and successfully, she constantly improves the game and periodically tries to get used to the role of the heroine, and sometimes she works even late at night. If we talk about the work schedule of the actress, then employers have scheduled it for years to come. Currently, the girl not only acts in films, but also performs in theatrical productions.

Fans of Ozberk love her not only for her creativity, they know that the actress is very amorous, but actively hides her personal life, and this is why her persona attracts many. Currently, she has not married, but dreams of a family and children. And the fact that she is not currently a wife yet greatly embarrasses Burja.

She was born in 1989 in a small Turkish town. Unfortunately, the girl's parents had nothing to do with art, but they strove at any cost to instill in children the desire for development and creativity. Burdzhu was very active in her early childhood. To finally achieve her goal, the young lady was trained by a violin teacher. But her passion for music seemed to her a very tedious and painful occupation.

As soon as she graduated from school, she decided to go to another city, where she quickly entered the university, and the theater department, which has always been a dream. At a young age, the future actress has already participated in theatrical performances.


The aspiring actress was invited to the casting for the TV series "Magnificent Century" in 2013. The beauty was finally noticed by famous directors. After that, more and more new works began to appear in her.

The actress periodically talks in an interview about her work, where she says that a career literally takes up all her free time, for this reason there is simply no time to deal with her personal life.

Personal life and love of the actress

At one time, the actress was seen several times with Aras Bulut Iynemli, who was invited to play the role of Shehzad Bayazid. A young couple was having dinner at a restaurant. But they quickly fled from there as soon as they noticed the attention of the press. Then they admitted that they periodically make just friendly sorties. And there simply cannot be more between them.

In fact, none of the fans of Burju doubts that such a beauty has a large number of fans. And the girl herself often admits that she loves one person, whose name is very carefully hidden. The star remembers her parents, periodically visiting them at home.

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