How To Write An Ad At School

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How To Write An Ad At School
How To Write An Ad At School

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A regular school announcement is one of the important organizational tools for the teacher. With its help, you can not only convey the necessary information to students and their parents, but also significantly save time on explanations and questions.

How to write an ad at school
How to write an ad at school

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - Printer;
  • - paper;
  • - markers;
  • - mobile phone.


Step 1

Write your ad text. Try to make it as informative as possible, but at the same time clear and concise. Formulate your appeal in such a way that schoolchildren and parents do not have additional questions, since they will turn to you with them. If we are talking about a new class for you, be sure to indicate your mobile phone.

Step 2

Type text on the computer. Use a complementary color to grab attention, as well as variations in font and size. Highlight the class name large as it should be visible from afar. Print your ad on A4 or larger paper. You can do the same freehand using bright markers.

Step 3

Place your ad in the most visible and accessible place. Typically, there is an information board in the lobby of each school where you can post your notice. However, it is advisable to place some important messages on the front door or to put students in diaries, having previously printed out reduced copies of it.

Step 4

Announcements related to holidays and special events can be decorated in the appropriate style. Just a few decorative details - a beautiful frame, a drawing, a creative font - will help not only attract everyone's attention, but also organically complement the atmosphere of the upcoming event.

Step 5

If you need to make regular important announcements, especially for primary school students, use more modern methods. For example, send appropriate SMS messages to parents' phones. Some teachers often create groups on social networks in order to convey the most interesting and complete information to students and parents.

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